Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Week at the Lake

We just got back last Saturday from a wonderful trip to New Hampshire where we stayed on Lake Winnipesaukee with Bob and Denise. We had gone back three years ago and going back again was like no time had passed. We were able to visit with many of our extended family and of course the boys loved playing all week with their somehow related 3rd or 4th cousins! Every day except Sunday consisted of walking to the mail dock where the mail boat delivers mail to that part of the island. That wouldn't be so exciting except for the fact that there was ice cream for sale on the boat. So each day the boys got to get their treat there. Afterwards many kids jump from the dock or the pilings into the waves as the boat pulls aways. Both boys ended up gathering enough courage to jump in on our last day. I think Garrett swam back from the mail dock to our dock every day but one, I joined him 3 of those days, and Denise joined us one day. Kevin really wanted to do it to but it was a bit far....maybe next time! Zach loved swimming in the lake and was in from morning until night some days. We also got to watch some great thunder and lightning storms. It wasn't too hot at all and overall a very relaxing trip. The only thing missing was the rest of the family.... again maybe next time!

An evening swim for Zach

A game of Charades, followed by a sleep over with Logan and Linnea
I'm not including too many pictures because Garrett, I believe, is going to be working on another of his masterpiece videos!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun

I told myself I was going to keep this thing up to date and now almost a month has gone by! The whole summer seems to be flying by us. So, while the boys are watching a movie I thought I could get in a quick update before summer's completely gone.

I've been working about 20 hours a week, which is a continuation of my regular work schedule plus I picked up a few extra hours. I often wish this time of the year that I worked for the schools and could have the summers off, but it all balances out in the end I guess. So, we've been finding ways for the boys to be cared for this summer. They have gone to two weeks of gymnastics camp at Fun and Fit Gymnastics and will be going again this week. Good exercise, some arts and crafts, and a little down time at the end with part of a movie. They went last summer too and Kevin complained because he was the oldest one there. This summer he doesn't seem to care that he's the oldest and has learned to do a front and back flip into their big foam pit.

Kevin also spent a week at cub scout day camp. It was nice because four of his friends from scouts were there also and he got to earn a lot of belt loops and pins for this next year. Zach was going to go also but he needed a parent with him all week and unfortunately I wasn't able to do that. Maybe next year.

We took a quick weekend trip to Mammoth where we were able to have my parents, Graham, Tina, and Lauren meet us and have a short night together. I managed to get the boys to go for a hike, with a promise of seeing Toy Story 3 afterwards!

We stayed in town for the 4th of July this year and the boys were in the parade with cub scouts. I got to be in it too! Garrett ran his first 5k in about 20 years that morning too. We got to cheer him on as the runners went right down our street. I'm trying to convince him to do a half with me, but he's not going for it!

We just had my mom and Lauren come for the week. Kevin and Zach cannot get enough of Lauren and thankfully she is patient and plays with them. My mom is a worker bee and finds chores to do around the yard and house, which is always greatly appreciated. We had a fun night of s'mores around the fire and Kevin started us all on storytelling around the circle. We took Lauren to Universal Studios on Friday and had fun showing her bits of the L.A. world.

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday as we head to New Hampshire for a week on Lake Winnipesaukee. I feel like that will be my whole summer in one week. Well that, followed by the big Whitney hike again. I managed to make it to the top of Mt. Baldy again last weekend and feel excited about Whitney. We will be missing two of our team, Susan and Dennis, though.