Thursday, July 31, 2008


Time's up!  I will be leaving to go pick up the boys very soon and believe it or not, I'm ready.  I enjoyed my time without them, but to be honest it was a little boring without them around.  Boring is good sometimes though.  

After work yesterday I got home around 2 and was thinking about all the things I could do on my own.  I ended up swimming in the pool, actually doing laps, and then just lounging in the raft afterwards.  I think that's my favorite way to spend a hot afternoon.  And I didn't have to "look, mom, look" at anything.  Afterwards I read my new book that I picked up from the library and even took a short nap on the couch.  

And now, the house is clean and ready for the whirlwinds to come racing back home.  I'm ready too.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


All is quiet, all is good.  I'm off to work.

P.S.  I miss my boys!

Monday, July 28, 2008


That's the sound of me breathing a sigh of relief.  A new week is starting and yesterday started it off on the right foot.  I came home from church and found the trash can out front, almost completely filled, and found Garrett inside cleaning out our office.  I wish I had  before picture, because the picture above is what it looks now.  If you've ever been to our house I probably avoided showing you the office because it has always been a disaster.  Well yesterday Garrett got in a mood and the office is now actually cleaned out.  I admit I had to look the other way at some of the things he was throwing away because I knew we could sell it or give it to goodwill, but I chose to look the other way because then I knew it would just be done.  And now it is!

I'm also breathing easy because this week the boys are going to spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma Dee, starting tomorrow and coming back Thursday.  They will be going down to the San Diego Zoo on Wednesday and are looking forward to a fun time.  I was talking with a friend on Saturday who has one child, a three year old, and she was having a dilemma about whether or not to leave her child for 2 days while she celebrates her anniversary with her husband.  I told her I didn't have any good advice, because at this point I am handing the boys off to anyone who will take them.  Is that bad?  I do remember a few years ago Garrett and I went on a cruise for 3 days and Zach was just a little over a year.  After the first day I was ready to go back because I missed the boys.  I guess things change as they get older.

Finally, here is my check in for the week.  My run on Saturday felt pretty good and the swim afterwards felt just as good as the first week!
Monday: 3
Tues: 4.75
Wed:  0 (I can't remember if I ran)
Thurs: 4
Friday: 2 
Saturday:  12
Sunday: Rest

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rock Climbing

The last day of Kids Games included a rock climbing wall for the bigger kids (Zach got a jumper for his age group).  Kevin did an awesome job climbing and made it about half way up.  I really wanted to do it too but we were the last group and I had to take the kids back inside.  Tonight we had our "closing ceremonies" so the week is officially over.  I don't know if I've ever been so tired after a week.  I even put on the t.v. for the boys this afternoon so I could take a nap!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Games

This week our church has been having Kids Games, which is kind of like vacation bible school, but with more of a sports theme.  It's every evening from 5 to 8:15 and I signed up to be a small group leader with the 2nd graders, Kevin's group.  Now I know why I didn't go to school to become a teacher.  Yes, I am called a "speech teacher" by some, but I have my little group and most of the time work one on one.  That I can handle.  Twelve 7 year olds is another story.  Especially ones that are all wound up from the activities before hand.  Luckily I only have them for about 50 minutes, where I actually am supposed to be teaching them and having them listen to me.  The rest of the time I just need to keep them together and try and keep them quiet when others are talking.  

Then there is poor Zach, who really wants to be in his mommy's group, but I offered to be with Kevin since I was with Zach all last year for AWANA.  So last night was his breaking point.  He stayed with me during singing and then I walked him to his class.  On the way, he threw himself in the middle of the hallway, laying down, and crying so hard.  I can no longer pick him up very well because he weighs all of 53 pounds.  So I tried my best to get him up and walking.  But it just wasn't going to work last night so I ended up calling Garrett to have him pick him up and take him home.  I think he slept for about 11 hours straight last night.....I knew he was tired.  So, tonight I think he's staying home again but he'll have to come with me on Friday because Garrett's off to a Dodger game.  It may be a loooong Friday night!   

While it's fun helping out with the kids, sometimes it would be nice just to drop the kids off and have 3 hours every evening for a week like the other parents!

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's No Yosemite......But

We had a good camp out in our backyard Friday night.  I was jealous knowing that my parents and brother's family were in Yosemite camping this past weekend, so I asked the boys if they wanted to sleep in the backyard.  Kevin and I had done this once last summer, but Zach has never slept in a tent.  We had the tent, the s'mores, and the comforts of home when it just got to be too uncomfortable for me at 5:30 in the morning.  If we are to ever go camping "for real" we definitely need to upgrade our tent.  The four of us are out growing the one we have, especially if we want to have our blow up mattresses in there....which is really a must.

In other news, the boys had a great time at Vacation Bible School last week.  They had a lot of fun, learned quite a bit, and Kevin got to make a really cool surfboard out of wood which I'll have to get a picture of later.  

And then to top off a great week, the boys got to go down to Grami and Papa's house on Saturday, spend the night and then go to LegoLand on Sunday.  They had a ton of fun there.  Grami said the boys could have spent hours in the shops looking at all the different kinds of Legos.  They each got one box of Legos to take home.  Kevin said his favorite ride was the Fairy Tale ride and Zach's was looking for the 7 keys.  Thanks Grami and Papa for thinking of this for them!  (of course this also meant that Garrett and I had a little time to ourselves this weekend which is always nice too!)

Lastly, for those of you have been on the edge of you seats, waiting for an update on my running, here goes for last week:

Monday: 3.5
Tues: 4.4
Wed: 1 mile walk
Thurs: Kickboxing
Friday: 4.4
Saturday: 11
Sunday: rest

I'm getting back into the groove and feeling pretty good.  My pain in my knee has gone away so I am glad that I took care of myself.  105 days until the Santa Clarita Marathon......that sounds like forever!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


On Saturday, I got back from a run, quickly took off my shoes and asked the boys if they wanted to see something.  They followed me outside and watched me jump into the pool, running clothes and all.  They thought it was very funny and of course wanted to join in.  So we had an early morning swim, the boys in their underpants and me in my running clothes.  I think it was the best the pool has felt all summer and I am fairly sure that same thing is going to happen each Saturday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to you, Dad!
My dad sent me this picture from last Sunday when they had a little party celebrating both he and Lauren.  See, I miss out on everything living down here!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Small Duffel Bag

Going to Mammoth the boys are allowed to fill one small duffel bag with toys of the choosing.  Once that is full, that's it, no more toys.  We typically only go for a few days and are usually out doing things, so they don't need a whole lot.  This last trip was no exception and now that we are back I am wishing that each boys could just have a bag full of toys here at the house and that's it.  The truth is the toys that they play most often with fit in a little bag.  All the rest of the toys are just there to clutter up their rooms.  (no offense to the people who have given them great toys as gifts.....Garrett and I have filled their rooms with toys too!)  

Anyway, limiting their toys in Mammoth make it much easier to clean up and it gives the boys more time to be creative.  For example, Kevin worked for several days on creating a new "candyland" game - that he named Super Mario Gallaxy.  He drew all the pictures, made the cards, and the little guys to move around the board.  It's a completely awesome game!  I'm always amazed at what the boys can come up with when left to their own imagination.

Meanwhile, back here at home the boys have Vacation Bible School all this week.  Which gives me a little bit of free time.  Don't be surprised if the next picture that shows up is just a bag in the middle of an empty room because I've cleaned it all out while they are gone for three hours.......just kidding, I have better things to do with my time!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yo What Up

I keep forgetting to post this.  The day Kevin turned 7 he wrote this on the kitchen floor with magnets:  
He is pretty sure that this is how 7 year olds talk now.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

My "little" niece is turning 12!  I wish I could see her more than once or twice a year.  It's just not enough to really get to know someone and watch them grow.

Hope you have a great one Lauren!  We love you!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ventura Beach

Yesterday the boys and I had the best day at the beach.  We drove to Ventura to meet up with the MOMS club.  Turns out there were only a couple of other moms, but we kinda did our own thing anyway.  Kevin and Zach love getting in the water, so they spent the first part of the morning running in and out of the waves, while I watched them like a hawk.  Then after lunch and after I put the camera away I told them I would go in with them so that we could go a little deeper.  Zach was knocked down many times but I was holding on with a death grip to his little hand.  Each time he would get back up smiling, ready for more.  Eventually he said, "My hand hurts", but I told him I was not letting go until we were out of the water!  We stayed about 6 hours and the boys have never been so wiped out.  Zach didn't wake up once last night or come into our room asking to sleep with us.  I guess I just need to keep going back!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hot Chocolate

I'm always amazed at how hot chocolate can make the morning that much more fun.  Especially with whipped cream on top of it!  This morning was one of those mornings.  Not only for Zach (Kevin isn't awake yet), but for me.  I've been having green tea this whole vacation in the morning.  Green tea and a run for me, sticking to my plan.  Today is our last full day here though, so I am changing things up just a little bit.  I'm having hot chocolate and I think instead of a run I am going to hike up to Mammoth Rock this afternoon.  We are going to Lake George today and taking out the canoe along with a picnic lunch.

Here's a little peak into our activities over the past few days.
Our big 4th of July celebration was getting Ben and Jerry's
We drove out to Mono Lake on Saturday
Kevin and I hung out at the bottom of Main Lodge yesterday while Zach and Garrett went up on the gondola.  Kevin said it hurt his ear too much to go up.  So instead he became the world's slowest hot dog eater and took about an hour to eat one dog.  He is just about to lose his other front tooth so he tries to eat everything with his side teeth, taking mouse bites!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mammoth Vacation

It was a beautiful day today.  Dodger and I started out the day with about a 5 mile run.  We stopped along the way so she could swim in the river.  This is dog heaven up here for her!  After I got back we got the boys dressed and took a little hike out to the pond where we let Dodger go swimming again.  Kevin and Zach both were complaining about having to get dressed and actually get out of the house, but once they are out they like being outdoors.  I took them to the park this afternoon and it was so nice to be outside and not have it be 100 degrees out.  Both boys enjoyed scaring their mom by climbing on big rocks, but it made for some great pictures!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dodger's 11

We don't usually celebrate Dodger's birthday, but this year Garrett thought it would be fun for the boys so he went out and got some little cupcakes.  He was planning on giving on to Dodger too, but I thought she might like a meatball better.  So here's some pictures of our little party this evening.
Yes, we actually lit a candle and sang to our dog!
Here's the meatball in midair.
Ok, off to pack for Mammoth.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute for everything!