Friday, July 31, 2009

A Break in the Routine

Last Sunday the boys were picked up by Susan and Namie, on their way home from Mammoth, and headed down to Grami and Papa's house for two nights. On Monday they got to go on their annual Legoland trip. They LOVE that place! Grami and Papa said they had such a good time and Zach especially liked the water area.

It was nice for Garrett and I to have a break in our regular routine. We were able to go out to dinner on Sunday night and enjoy an evening of movie watching. I found myself going through many different ideas of how I should best spend my time, because it's not often that I'm without the boys. I ended up going to the gym and reading a book. Not the most exciting, but I enjoyed it none the less. Picking them up on Tuesday I found myself a little more patient with them, at least for the car ride home, and it made me realize how important these breaks in the routine are.

This summer I've also been taking a break in my exercise routine. I realized that I had pretty much been running four to five days a week plus Saturday mornings since November of 2007. That in itself is not bad, but the fact that I had just devoted myself to running and left out other areas of exercise were starting to get to me. When I was going to run the marathon in May I was excited about the prospect of beating my last time and then possibly not ever doing another marathon! We all know how that turned out, so then I wanted to jump right in and train for the very next marathon to "get it over with". I started thinking, "What's the rush?" If I want to run, I should and if not, then that's fine too. So this summer I've been purposely taking a break from running and spending my time in the gym, taking dance-type classes, kickboxing, and I even tried Yoga for the first time last week. I'm enjoying the variety and found that my body responds better to variety too! Not to say I've put running completely out of my mind though, we'll just wait and see.....

But tonight I am packing my bags for Mammoth as we prepare to hike Whitney on Tuesday. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I think it will be quite a hard day, to say the least, but I'm looking forward to some good times and great memories!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Skirball

The boys and I had a great afternoon at The Skirball Museum. We ordered these tickets back in May in order to get in for "free Thursday". I would have paid full price though because the boys loved it and it was a great way to spend the afternoon. They have a Noah's Ark Exhibit and everything in the exhibit is made from recycled materials. You wouldn't know it though, because it all looks so cool. To top it off, they also had another exhibit that was Comic Book Superheros. An unexpected treat for the boys. Unfortunately I didn't get the best shots so I guess you'll all have to go see it for yourself one of these days!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sorry For The Delay!

We've been enjoying summer and time has been getting away from us! I also continue to blame facebook. It's much easier to just post something there than to write on whole entry on here. But, the blog has been calling my name I figured it was time for an update.

Kevin's been working on Legos...already filled up the shelf my dad made for him
Garrett and I have been preparing for our hike to Mt. Whitney.
We took a trip to Mammoth over the 4th of July weekend.
The boys found the sidewalk chalk again!

Kevin used birthday money and bought a new friend at Build-a-Bear. Her name is Gabriella, like from High School Musical
And, we've been swimming with friends a lot. Which is where we are off to now!