Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Run

Kevin had his first game of the year and I think he had fun!  He's looking more and more grown up out there, standing in his "baseball ready" stance.  Compared to two years ago when he spent most of the time drawing in the dirt, he was really into the game on Saturday (except for the little booty shaking he was doing.....he always has a song in his head).  This year he is on a coach pitch league, where the kids get 3 pitches from the coach and if they don't hit it then they get to hit it off the tee.  First time up Kevin hit off the tee, but the video shows how he whacked the ball on his second time up!  Plus he was the last hitter in the line up so he got to run all the way around the bases for a home run!  Good game A's!!!

p.s. Please check Kevin's blog today and comment if you want.  He spent a lot of time writing this post.

Monday Check-In

So, Kevin and I are competing for blogging time.  Good thing we have two computers!  He's upstairs writing a novel about Mario Galaxy while I try and remember what I did over the past week.  I have a cute video from his first game that I will post later.  The boys also made a few other videos but they are too long to put on here.  We just got back from the park.  Kevin and I have been at two different parks today, since 10 am, so I figure the boys can have some down time now.
So here's the run down:
Monday - 6.0
Tues. - 5.5
Wed. - 0
Thurs. 7.0
Fri.- 2.7
Sat. - 10.5
Sun. - 0
Total for the week:  31.7
I have signed up for my second race for this coming Saturday, which is a 5k (3.1 miles) followed by a 10k (6.2 miles).  The 10k has hills so I may have gotten myself into more than I wanted, but I will just take it slow and see if I make it to the finish.  I hope to make it back in time to see Kevin's game, but we'll see how long it takes to get to the end.  
I have been pushing myself a little harder than usual lately because there is a marathon in San Diego on June 1st and I have been thinking in the back of my mind that maybe I could do it ......and then take a little break before going to Yosemite.  I still want to, but am conflicted because Kevin's last game is the day before and with a team party right after that.  There is no way I am heading down there for my first marathon by myself.  So, I may just keep trudging away and keep that November date on the schedule.  My body is wanting to slow down a little, so I may need to listen.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to "Normal"

My mom left yesterday morning after a good week here.  I am sure she is ready for a vacation now because I know she didn't really get one here.  Zach is missing his playmate already!  So now we have to go back to our "normal" routine.  Kevin starts his first baseball game this morning and I am planning on running home from it in order to get my run in before Garrett goes to the Dodger game with his dad and brother.  Hopefully we will have a relaxing afternoon and enjoy the weekend.  Kevin is now on spring break for two weeks, so that will give us some easier mornings around here without having to rush out the door.

I managed to get a few pictures before my mom left.  The boys wanted to be silly, as always, and of course Nana just went along with it.  

Thanks, mom, for all your help, all you do, and who you are!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Mom

My mom has come to visit this week and so I've been busy doing other things than blogging.  Things like going out for hikes and runs.  Things like, getting my reports written during the day instead of having to wait until 9:00 at night after the kids are in bed.  Zach has been loving having her here.  He follows her around pretty much from the time he wakes up until bed time.  She is a hard worker and so Zach has just been helping her in the back yard, doing the clean up of things that I just tend to ignore.  And then when they come inside he brings out the games for them to play.   I mentioned that I wanted to clean up the garage to get ready for Zach's birthday party next month and she says, "Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it".  (I really wasn't intending for her to do this one).  This is just the way she is.
I'm gonna try to get some good pictures these next couple of days because I hardly have any on my mom.  So I'll post them when I do.  In the mean time, I am off to work today.  It's nice having my mom around!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Check In

Did you think I forgot?  Here's the run down for the week.

Monday- 5.1 (same hike, it may be a little longer than this actually)
Tues. - 0
Wed. - 5.6
Thurs. - 3.0
Fri. - 0
Sat. - 15.1 (My legs were like Jello)
Sun. - 0

Lot of 0's this week, but I got in my longest run ever.  Total for the week =  28.8

Happy Belated Easter

So we've been quite busy around here and as usual we've been making the holiday last longer than its typical one day.  So I just have a bunch of pictures to share before getting Kevin off to school.  Zach is on spring break this week, or as he says, "I'm not going back for a long, long time."  And my mom is here this week to visit and help out. 

These first pics are from Thurs. when Aunt Susan came up and made Easter Bunny cakes with the boys.  She brought up all the stuff to make two cakes so each one could have their own.  Then we kept one at our house, while the other traveled back down with her so that we could have it on Easter Sunday.  
Zach's favorite part, tasting everything. 

On Friday we had an egg hunt with the MOMS club.  The boys had fun finding eggs and playing at the park.  And we were able to bring our cake to the party to share.

We dyed our eggs on Saturday.  I told Zach we were coloring eggs, so before I could even get the dyes out he had his marker out and colored his whole egg pink.

And Easter morning.  The boys found eggs that the Easter bunny had left around the house, as well as their baskets.  Then we were off to church, followed by a trip down to Namie's house for a yummy brunch and then back up to our house, where my mom greeted us. 
We need a weekend to recover from our weekend!  Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quote of the Day

Zach, on teaching me how to dance:

"You can dance however you want, but it has to be cool."

Yes, he's only 3.

Readers Are Leaders

Kevin has become a great reader.  Check out his blog to see his latest accomplishment!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Partner - Update

Ok, so I am sure most of you guessed partner is my dog.  As much as I would like to hike with another person, (thank you Denise and Matt for offering to hike with me, I will take you both up on it anytime), I have my schedule without a lot of flexibility.  The friends that I have here are all moms and most all of them with younger kids.  I would love to hike as a family, but the boys just aren't big enough yet.  A few more years and they could do it.  So for now, Dodger will do just fine.  And as much as I was freaking myself out last week, it really was just that, mostly just my mind making me worry more than I needed to.  This time around, I knew where I was going, how long it would take, and my trusty pooch to protect me!  Don't worry, I am not going off " Into The Wild".  Just a weekly hike to try and get in shape.  The treadmill just does not cut it..... especially when I am just reminded of how our room needs to be picked up as I am on it.   

We did a tiny hike to the top of Hart Park on Sunday as a family.  We were trying to find something to do together, out of the house, and away from the video games.  It turned out to be a fun little adventure.  We even got to tour Hart Mansion this time and the Bison were out this time too.  I don't think the boys were too interested in the history, but the had fun chasing each other up and down the hill.   

My Partner

Well, I went hiking again yesterday morning.  Same place, but this time it was morning, it was beautiful, and I had a partner and no fear.  My partner is great.  I have known her for about 10 years.  She's in really good shape, but she was willing to wait up for me.  She doesn't care if I am not the best conversationalist, she doesn't talk a lot either.  She has an open schedule so is available whenever I am.  She is pretty strong too and I think she might even scare off a mountain lion.  I was thinking of this list while we were hiking, but I have already forgotten some of the great points.  Get this though, this girl is almost 77 years old!  :)  I'll put a picture up soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Check In

Top O' the mornin' to you!  I've sent the boys off to school after some green waffles and green milk.  Now I'm ready to start another week.  Here my weekly check in and a cute video of Zach at the Church's Easter performance yesterday.  

Mon. - 5.1 (walk/jog/hike/freak out)
Tues. - 5.0
Wed. - 0
Thurs. 5.0
Fri. - 4.0
Sat. - 11.6 (longest ever, but was still thinking it was 12 or 13 even)
Sun. - o
Total for this week:  30.7

Hope you all find some gold left around by the leprechauns!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early Easter Party

Yesterday we went to an early Easter party at one of the local indoor playgrounds.  The boys had fun running all around, bouncing in the bounce house, and Zach especially liked the super fast slide.  I was expecting disaster every time he slid down because he was going so fast.  But he came down safe every time and immediately ran back to the top to do it again.  Then it hit me about how old Kevin is getting because although he liked jumping and sliding for a little while, he really just wanted to spend the whole time playing air hockey and fooze ball (with the little soccer players).  He was one of the oldest kids there and in my mind he's just still this little boy who will always be that way! 

And as a side note, they had an egg hunt and Zach found 3 eggs (with my help) and Kevin only found 1.  I thought we were going to have a major meltdown with that but to my great surprise he did ok!!  Another sign of growing up. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Magic of Tylenol

Zach wakes up in the middle of the night every couple of weeks saying that his foot really hurts.  He cries, he squirms, he can barely even walk on it when we go in to the bathroom.  Then I typically will lay with him for a few minutes and when that doesn't seem to console him I offer him tylenol.  Any flavor will work, but right now it's bubble gum.  I give him the tylenol and immediately that stops his whimpering.  And amazingly after about one minutes he has stopped squirming, he's breathing easier, and he falls back to sleep in the next few minutes.  Now, I know that tylenol does not get into our system that fast, but isn't the placebo affect amazing!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hills Kick Booty

I told Garrett I wasn't going to write this one, because it makes me look vulnerable and I don't like to think of myself that way.  Anyway, here goes.  Yesterday I really wanted to go for a hike.  I have wanted to go for the past month on a Monday when the boys are in school, but things just haven't worked out.  Well, it didn't work out yesterday morning either because it took all morning to get my new keys.  But I still wanted to go, so around 4:40 when we were all home I asked Gar if he would take care of the boys so I could go hike.  With the time change I knew it was still plenty light out and it was warm too so I went for it.  
The mile marker at the start said the hike was 5.1 miles.  I thought it would take around 1 1/2 hours, but had never done it before so I wasn't sure.  I was jogging at the beginning because it was fairly flat.  I even ran a little bit uphill, but as soon as the hills got bigger I barely could walk up the hills.  I tell you, hills kick my booty bad!  The whole reason for wanting to get out and hike is that I am planning on hiking Half Dome in June with my sister in law and some friends.  (I kindly invited myself along)  So, since hills are hard for me I know I need to get out there at least once a week.
To make this not so long of a story, I will cut to the good part.  I get to the top of the mountain and feeling good start jogging again.  I have to go slow because I am going downhill now.  Eventually I get to a part in the trail where I cannot see it continue.   There is only a stream and rocks and I start freaking out a little.  I estimated that I had gone about 3 or 4 miles and it was 6:10.  I then turned around and thought I was going to have to go all the way back the way I came, putting me back to the car around 7:15 or 7:30....which would be dark by then.  So as I headed up the hill I started freaking out more and called Garrett crying saying, "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH"  (I don't remember what I said exactly)  He said, "Well, maybe you should start jogging a little so you can make it out faster".  
I try to catch my breath and just do it, because what other option did I have.  Then these joggers passed me.  I hadn't gone far from the trail end so I put aside my pride and yelled to them after they passed, "Can you get out that way?"  One guy said yes, that you had to go through the rock and water, but the water is not high anymore.  So I followed them, back far enough to keep my distance, only a little bit of rock and water...not enough to get my shoes wet or anything.  Then the path open up and I could see the main road.  To think I was going to go all the way back around when I was almost done?!  I think it was around 6:40 when I got back to the main road, plenty of light still out and lots of people around.  It's not like I was in the middle of no where, it just felt like it at the time.  
What's the moral?  I don't know exactly.  But I know now that I won't start a hike in the evening again unless I know my way around it.  I tend to think I am a tough little gal, who doesn't get scared easily, but I know I am just as vulnerable as the next person and I do need to think safety first.  Even my "Fearless, Faithful, Female" shirt wont protect me from everything! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Check In

Daylight savings time is going to throw a little wrench into my 6 a.m. runs.  Good thing I haven't been too consistent on this anyway!  So here's my rundown for the past week:
Mon. - 7
Tues. - 4
Wed. - 7
Thurs. -3
Fri. - 0
Sat. 7.5 (in Mammoth, with the altitude and hills....I think this should count as at least 10, but it was a run/walk)
Sun. - Skiing

Total - 28.5

Today I am hoping to go for a hike as soon as I get my new key made up.  Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Garrett and I just finished a six week bible study with a group from our church on the Fruits of the Spirit.  Most of you know that one of the fruits is patience.  As we studied this section we were learning how God is not going to just grant us patience when we ask us for it, but rather he will put us in situations that will help us to grow in this, putting us in places that we would typically be very impatient and have us work on trying really hard to be patient.  
Many people see me as a very patient person, and I typically am.....with people and kids other than my own.  I have all the patience in the world with the kids I work with, because I know that I see them for an hour and then they go home with their parents.  Anyway, this weekend we went to Mammoth for a quick getaway.   My patience was tested pretty much all weekend.  Saturday, just by a simple walk out to the golf course to go sledding.  I had my agenda: walk outside, get the sleds, walk to the golf course, sled.  Simple enough, right.  Kids always have their own agenda and sometimes I just have to learn that it is not always my way that is best.  After all I wanted them to be having fun in the snow, and they were.  They were kicking and punching the snow mounds.  They were climbing on top of the snow.  They were trying to find snow that was clean enough to eat.  And here's me in the background..."Do you guys want to go sledding?  Do you guys want to go sledding?  Come ON!"  Not very patient, huh?  
So we eventually got out there and managed to do a few runs.  The hills weren't as steep this time, but we still had some fun out there.  Zach really just likes to sit and eat snow, so I let him once we were out in the "good snow".  
(With the attitude in that video it's a wonder I made it through the day)
I thought I was taking more pictures, but I was using our new video camera and actually only got the one picture at the top of the post.  
So now we're back at home and just to add one more test of my patience...... I left my keys in Mammoth!  You may remember that I lost my keys several months ago.  I never found them and I was too cheap to get myself a new car key so I just took Garrett's and we have just had that one.  So now I really have to get a new key first thing tomorrow.  At least this time I know where my keys are, they are just about 5 hours away from me.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun Thursday

Zach, Dodger, and I had a great morning together.  We walked over to the park and were able to have the whole place to ourselves.  Dodger had fun running around off the leash.  Zach had fun digging like Dodger in the sand.  On the way back home we stopped by the "dry creek" and let Dodger play in the water.  Zach had a blast being a boy, getting dirty, and throwing rocks and sand into the creek.  Another fun time of not having things planned out and just going with the flow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Watch

Mornings around here are not the most fun.  Mostly because I am constantly hounding Kevin on what to do next in order to get ready for school.  Well, yesterday we had a minor breakthrough.  We got a free watch out of the cereal box.  Kevin loves it and has taken to looking at it often to tell me what time it is.  So yesterday I told him we needed to be in the car by 8, and he needs to be in line at school by 8:15.  I've told him this probably 1000 times before, but now with the watch he was actually able to see it for himself.  We were in the car on time both yesterday and today, with very little pushing on my part!  Why hadn't I thought of this before?   

Meanwhile, Zach and I are spending the day at home.  I took him to the doctor yesterday for his lingering cough and found out he has a double ear infection.  Last night we were up several times and he has thrown up a few times too, I think because of he fever from his infections.  Hopefully the medicine will start working soon and he will feel better.  So the plan for today.... taking it easy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Yesterday the cub scouts went to San Pedro to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.  We actually didn't spend a lot of time in the museum, but rather spent time at the tide pools. It was interesting seeing the boys reactions to the different things we saw.  It reflected their personalities as we would see each new thing.  Kevin, being more reserved and not interested in trying a lot of new things, would point something out and then immediately say, "Zach, you want to touch it?"  Zach, having a more adventurous spirit, was willing to touch anything and everything that he was presented with while Kevin watched on with a smile on his face.  
Those are some cute grunions.
Standing on the inside of a fish tank.

We found a little hermit crab.
And it's probably best that this guy who has a fear of fish was at the Lakers game instead!  :)

Monday Check In

Here's the run down for the past week:
Monday - 5.4
Tuesday - 4.6
Wed. - 4.0
Thurs. - 5.5
Fri. -0
Sat. - 10.2 (and I thought for sure it was around 11 or 12)
Sun. - 0

Total for the week:  29.7 (pretty close to my goal!)