Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only 2 months later.....

Our "duck" saga has finally come to an end.  

Here's what the ceiling looked like on this past Monday....
And on Wednesday.......finished.
As a bonus they painted the whole downstairs area that had the same color.  They also painted over our big stain on the ceiling from a leak last winter.  They knew it had nothing to do with the recent problem but I told them they could pretend it was.....
So finally our house is back to normal, only 2 months later!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Saturday we went to our 2nd Pinewood derby since Kevin became a scout.  Last year we had no idea what to expect.  This year we were a little more prepared but still we don't put into it what other scouts (or scout dads) do.  Kevin wanted to make the Batmobile.  His first car turned out to be illegal, having to do with the way it was cut in the front, so Garrett managed to get another one cut out for Kevin the day before the race.  

I had fun this year because I saw Kevin was doing much better than last year.  No melt downs and he was watching most of the races.  Seemed like he had fun too.  Zach wanted to leave right after In-N-Out came with burgers for everyone!

Each year we will learn a little more.  I'm trying to get Kevin to go for the sportsmanship trophie, which is the biggest of all.  The boy who won this year was standing up and cheering the ENTIRE time.  Very cute!  Not sure we'll ever get as fancy as some of the other cars, but as long as Kevin is enjoying it we will continue.

Kevin's car is the blue one in the middle, next to the cute Ladybug.
Mmmm.... In-N-Out (That's what all that popcorn money goes to!)
Watching and waiting

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

I spent this past weekend at "home".  It's my parents house and I technically have never actually lived in this house for more than 3 months, but I still call it home.  I had been wanting to get up to Santa Rosa to check on my mom.  She always says she's doing fine, feeling good, not much different, but I wanted to see for myself.  Turns out she is doing well.  The treatments are making her more tired than usual but less than three weeks left of those and then hopefully she is home free.  

It was good to just get away for a little bit.  I get caught up in being a mom and feeling like I have to do everything.  It's good to know that the boys are actually fine while I'm away and I come back feeling like I can handle their "stuffed animal talk" more easily than before.  I enjoyed my time reading, going for a couple runs, visiting with friends, and even going to some garage sales with my parents....a "must do" on Saturday mornings in the Trettin house.  

I didn't even mind waiting for the planes.  Both times I was one of the last ones called and just barely made it on.  But it beats driving 7 hours by myself!  I literally was on the second to last page of my book when the plane landed in L.A. on Monday.  I almost just sat and let everyone get off while I finished!  

So now I am back HOME and got to enjoy watching the inauguration this morning in Kevin's classroom with Zach on my lap.  I loved that all the classrooms had the t.v.s on this morning.  The kids didn't quite enjoy it as much as watching a Spongebob episode, but I know Kevin's teacher kept pointing out to the kids what a historic day this was!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last year, same time, I signed up for my first ever running race.  Race day came and it was raining, the boys were sick so Garrett couldn't come cheer me on, and I wasn't sure what I got myself into.  Now, I've just registered for the same race.  I have a few runs under my belt now but have found myself needing some motivation to go out and run.  I figure signing up will at least get me running 6 miles!  Hopefully the weather will be nicer this year and I will get to experience the "real" Redondo Beach 10K!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

All For A Little Mold

Growing up in Santa Rosa we had mold problems.  It just came with the territory (and probably the older house).  My parents dealt with it but really when you live in a wetter climate, it is bound to be there.  We had it in Ventura too, part of the reason I had more trouble with asthma in both places.  Now years later, and about a month after "the duck" incident they are finally getting around to fixing our leak and mold problems.  Here is a look at how they deal with mold now days.  None of this spraying some bleach on it and be done.  No, they have the whole area sealed off so they can do there work and not contaminate the rest of the house with the mold spores.  Very thoughtful.....except for the tiny holes that I see in the plastic where something happened to poke through!  Hopefully this will all be taken care of soon!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hyper Dash

I finally convinced Kevin to open one of his presents from Aunt Susan and Uncle Dennis.  I thought he would like it if he just tried it.  And....Zach can play too on the easier levels.  Check them out playing!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Mammoth.  The weather couldn't have been any better and I am enjoying going there much more now that the boys are getting older!  (Of course it helps to have two sets of grandparents around to help out with the babysitting too!!)  I think we fit in everything that we wanted to into this past week, including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, tubing, playing in the snow, playing board games, and even a little bit of reading and relaxing.  
A very nice way to bring an end to 2008 and welcome 2009.  

Kevin LOVED the snow and would have stayed out all day, every day if we let him!

Cross-country skiing was beautiful and great exercise.  Matt and I did the Lake Mary loop.  Some others were skiing across the lake....

Kevin getting ready to sled down a hill behind the house.
Zach liked his new batman hat that Santa brought.
Zachie scraped up his nose tubing down a huge hill.  He was such a trooper and was not done tubing after that.....we just had him go down with Uncle Matt the next time. (Hopefully more tubing pictures to follow....)
Kevin's snowman!
The beginning of Zach's "giant snowball".