Monday, March 23, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

We are in for a new treat this year......both boys playing ball! Zach had his first practice last Thursday. He's on the Pirates. Kevin was out sick, so he missed his first practice, but he's on the Red Sox! We'll be having busy Thursdays, as both boys have practices, one after the other, at different ends of town. The game schedule has worked out perfectly though and there are no major conflicts for game times. It should be a great season!


Anonymous said...

Mom says:

Gosh, Zach doesn't look like a little boy anymore! I remember those months of soccer when you and Graham were both playing. Sometimes I thought we were just going around in circles! I wouldn't have traded those days for anything! So let the games begin....

Love, Mom

Serenity NOW said...

Our newest, cutest baseball player, Zachie. He looks so cute!
Can't wait for the games to begin and how great that we can see both boy's on the same day. Love you all, Susan

Sandy said...

Zach looks so cute/handsome in his uniform. It hardly seems possible he will be playing baseball this year.
Can't wait to see him play.
Love to everyone

Paula said...

We're looking forward to the games and seeing our precious guys play ball!
We're remembering how for a year or two we had FOUR baseball games on a Saturday when all the big kids were playing! Such great memories.
Love to all, Paula