Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachary!!

After a fun-filled party weekend, it's finally the day we've been waiting for.....Zachary's actual birthday. Happy Birthday to our big 5 year old!!!! We love this guy sooooo much!


Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Happy Birthday Zach! You have grown into such a handsome, loving boy!
Lots of love from Nana and Bubba.

Serenity NOW said...

Happy Birthday Zachie!!! You are such a cutie pie. We love you lot's and lot's and lot's!!!

Love, Auntie Susan & Uncle Dennis

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Zach! 5 years old today.
You are such a handsome boy and
we love you so very much.
Love, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Joe

namie said...

Happy Birthday Zachary. I love you a ton! Love, Namie

Paula said...

Five HUGE hugs from Grami and Papa for your special FIVE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY!! We love you!!!! xo

Grandma Dee said...

It's not the day after your birthday yet. Grandma Dee and Grandpa wish you a Happy Birthday and a pinch to grow an inch (or two or four). We left you a long message on Mommy's cell phone today. It was kinda silly. Maybe because we are too.

Love you for ever and ever,