Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Skirball

The boys and I had a great afternoon at The Skirball Museum. We ordered these tickets back in May in order to get in for "free Thursday". I would have paid full price though because the boys loved it and it was a great way to spend the afternoon. They have a Noah's Ark Exhibit and everything in the exhibit is made from recycled materials. You wouldn't know it though, because it all looks so cool. To top it off, they also had another exhibit that was Comic Book Superheros. An unexpected treat for the boys. Unfortunately I didn't get the best shots so I guess you'll all have to go see it for yourself one of these days!


namie said...

Wonderful pictures. It looks like a fun day. Love, Namie

Grandma Dee said...

I had heard that this was a neat place. So glad you guys went there. The kids looked like they really enjoyed it.
Love, Grandma Dee

Karen said...

what a fun museum! looks like the boys had a wonderful time!

Serenity NOW said...

What a fun time it sounds like you all had. It looks like the boy's were having a GREAT time. How nice that Zachie was able to take his best buddy. What a super summer you are having. Love and miss you all, Susan

Paula said...

It's so great that the boys are enhjoying all the wonderful children's museums that we have in the greater LA fun and educational. I had so much fun taking Grarrett and Matt to alot of them when they were small. Fun ways to spend the summer!
Love and hugs!

Sandy said...

Great pictures. It looks like the little guys had a wonderful time.
Love to all