Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet, Handsome, Zachie!

The big guy is 6 today. He's had a day full of pretty much whatever he asked for. Breakfast in bed.....he tried to help and sent him away saying, "You can't help. You must go upstairs and be served liked a king!" At school Garrett brought cookies in for Zach and all his classmates. After school we went to spend a gift certificate from Nana and Bubba. Then we were off to Chuck E Cheese (his new favorite place) where he and Kevin played the games. This was followed by coming home to open family presents. He chose In-N-Out for his dinner. Now he's happily playing Plants Vs. Zombies on the iPad. We will be having Ice Cream Cake in just a little while. Whew! You only turn 6 once right??


Paula said...

LOVE the picture of the birthday boy having breakfast in bed! :) What a day of celebrating a special SIXTH birthday. Grami and Papa send a big birthday hug to a precious grandson! xox

Let Freedom Ring said...

Wow what a great 6th birthday for the
most handsome 6 year old we know...
our Zachie!! So happy you had such
a great birthday Zach. We love you a
TON!!! Love, Aunt Susan, Uncle Dennis
& Namie. xoxoxoxo

Sandy said...

What a great birthday you had Zach!

You are so handsome and we love you soooo much!

Love, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Joe

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Zach!