Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Week at the Lake

We just got back last Saturday from a wonderful trip to New Hampshire where we stayed on Lake Winnipesaukee with Bob and Denise. We had gone back three years ago and going back again was like no time had passed. We were able to visit with many of our extended family and of course the boys loved playing all week with their somehow related 3rd or 4th cousins! Every day except Sunday consisted of walking to the mail dock where the mail boat delivers mail to that part of the island. That wouldn't be so exciting except for the fact that there was ice cream for sale on the boat. So each day the boys got to get their treat there. Afterwards many kids jump from the dock or the pilings into the waves as the boat pulls aways. Both boys ended up gathering enough courage to jump in on our last day. I think Garrett swam back from the mail dock to our dock every day but one, I joined him 3 of those days, and Denise joined us one day. Kevin really wanted to do it to but it was a bit far....maybe next time! Zach loved swimming in the lake and was in from morning until night some days. We also got to watch some great thunder and lightning storms. It wasn't too hot at all and overall a very relaxing trip. The only thing missing was the rest of the family.... again maybe next time!

An evening swim for Zach

A game of Charades, followed by a sleep over with Logan and Linnea
I'm not including too many pictures because Garrett, I believe, is going to be working on another of his masterpiece videos!


Simply Sanchez said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Loving the pic of Zach's evening swim. Great shot!

Let Freedom Ring said...

What a wonderful trip you all had. Loved hearing about all that you did. How great that K & Z jumped off the pilings..........I have never done that.....it's pretty high. All in all it sounds like it was a super trip. Thank you for adding, we the rest of the family that weren't able to make. Maybe next year. Love ya

Pauly said...

Looks like fun.

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

What an incredible trip you all had. It really was the perfect vacation.
We love the pictures!!!
Love, Sandy and Joe

Grandma Dee said...

Great blog about our vacation and Garrett's video was another masterpiece as well. Great to have Kev & Zach and you there with all the rest of the family. Logan and Kev were like old buddies. Loved watching them on the inner tube as well. Indy loved being with them, bark and all.
Thanks for an awesome memory,
Grandma Dee