Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 3-day Walk

Another amazing journey is complete! I was just reading my post from last year and realized that, although much of the trip was similar, this year was new and different in many ways. Which makes it all worth it in the end.

Rather that recap, day by day, I thought I would just give some highlights and point out what makes doing this walk so special to me......

1. Team Safe at Second: Each member of the team is special to me. They all have the ability to make me laugh and to keep the conversation going when I have run out of words. We had eight members this year, seven of us were able to walk. As a team we raised close to $21,ooo this year.

2. Happy People: This year was more difficult than last year because we were caught in a rare San Diego storm. Saturday was tough, but everywhere you looked there were people smiling, cheering, encouraging you. There are "walker stalkers" that spend the weekend moving from place to place along the route to cheer you on. You can't help but feel good, even when it's wet and your feet hurt.

3. Pink Everywhere: From clothes, to shoes, to hats, to bras, to tent, and even to dogs, their is a sea of pink everywhere you go on the walk. The sights along the walk are funny and amusing and you hear or see every reference to breasts that there is.

4. From tears to laughter: Saturday night we visited the survivor tent, where white tents are set up from the various walks that have been done during the year, all signed by walkers in memory of those that have lost the fight. Inside the big tent there are pictures of recent passings and what hit me this year is that many of these women were close to my age, some even younger. It's a time of reflection for why we do the walk and it's always good for a cry. But we manage to follow it up with an evening of dancing. Even with sore feet and legs it is so fun to get out and laugh and dance with everyone and celebrate the life that we have.

5. Seizing the moment: I discovered last year that the walk is all about living life to the fullest and seizing the moment, which includes taking pictures with the police that ride their bikes all weekend, taking an occasional shot of tequila that is offered along the streets and maybe even stopping in a bar before closing ceremonies to take the edge off of our weary feet....or something like that.

Now, I tried to narrow down the pictures so they don't go on forever, but I hope you enjoy taking a peek into what the weekend looked like to me. If you really want a good view though, you'll have to join the team....we are always looking for new recruits for next year.



Jason, as himself said...

Yay! Great recap. I loved this experience so much!

Paula said...

Super, great post, Tasha! I loved reading every word and seeing all of the pictures. Most of all, I love your giving heart! I love you.