Monday, February 23, 2009

For Those of you Not on Facebook

A long lost friend posted some pictures yesterday of her and I in our younger years.  I thought they were so funny I had to post them here so that all of you who are not on Facebook could enjoy them as well (especially mom and dad).  

In other news..... I ran 13.5 miles yesterday and it felt good.  I'm a little stiff today, but not bad.  Also I'm doing pretty well with the 3-day fundraising.  I have raised over $500 already and it's only February!

We had a week of sickness last week, with Kevin sick with the flu Sunday and Monday, then getting an ear infection to top it off.  Then Zach stayed home on Friday with the flu.  Thankfully Garrett and I did not get it, although I wasn't feeling too hot Friday night.  Hopefully we will be all back to a normal week this week!


Serenity NOW said...

Tasha: As I posted on f.b. I see alot of Kevin in your face. They are adorable pictures as were/are you. Hope you all have a "healthy" week. Poor Zach and Kev with the flu and an ear infection, ooch!!
Love to all, Susan

P.S. Tell Zach that Namie, Dennis and I LOVE the great pictures he drew for us!!

Anonymous said...

You two must have been the cutest gals around! Those pictures sure brought back lots of memories!

That flu bug is really making its way around, but hasn't found us yet. Maybe our flu shots will keep it away.

Here's wishing that everyone gets better quickly without complications.

Love, Mom

Sandy said...

Loved the pictures, Tasha and thank you for posting them on your blog!!!!
So sorry Kevin and Zach were sick last week. Hopefully you and Garrett won't get colds/flu. Joe and I were down for the count last week with colds.
Congrats on your running.
You are doing so well.
Love to all, Sandy

dole2obama said...

13.5 miles-Yikes! I better step it up!

Grandma Dee said...

Oh, my, you were/are so adorable. Looks like you had a really fun childhood with your friends. You must be wearing your mom's shoes and purse in the pool picture. And, yes, Kevin does look a lot like you. Good job on the running. And hope you and Garrett escape the flu.

Paula said...

Those are adorable pictures of you, Tasha! What a cutie! I also have enjoyed the high school pictures that you posted on Facebook. :)
Hope everyone is healthy and happy this week.
Love you all, Paula
P.S. That last picture of you is the same expression I see sometimes on Kevin's face. :)

maile said...

13 miles! you are amazing!!!!!
loved those pix on fb too... so fun to flash back to the 80s.