Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off And Runnin'....Again

I just got these pictures sent to me from the Redondo Beach 10K, so I thought I'd share what's going on around here as far a running goes.  Matt and I both completed the 10K on Super Bowl Sunday.  It was a fun race and much better weather than last year.  Kevin says that next year he wants to run the 5K with me!  Even better than the race was the post race BBQ!!  

The night before the race I got on my iPhone at 10:30 p.m. and registered for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.  The next day the price was going up, so frugal person that I am just decided to go for it.  So, yesterday I ran about 11 first long run since the marathon in November.  I've planned it out so that if I increase my mileage by two mile every other week between now and the middle of May I will have enough time to get comfortably up to 23 miles and have two weeks left to taper off before the big race on May 31st.  Ahhhh, just when I was starting to enjoy walking around normally on the weekends! 


Kelly said...

YEY Tasha! I'm so happy for you. I need to sign up for one of those! :)

~Michelle said...

tash, i can't believe you can run that far...i mean, i can believe it, you're in terrific shape...i just can't believe it. that is truly amazing and i know you can do it! i remember our morning walks by the creek and around our Victorian Park neighborhood...doesn't that seem like forever ago?

just as a side note: i hit my all time best today, 2 miles in just over 27 minutes. i couldn't even imagine continuing for another 20+'d have to pick me up with a stretcher! :)

happy trails - literally ;)

Grandma Dee said...

How great that you are back on program. You are incredible to keep training for these marathons. And, in one of those pix (someone) sent you, the muscles in your calves are so strong. Good legs, baby! And, they just keep getting better as you train. I don't know how you do it being a wife, a mom, a professional AND a runner. You go, girl.
Love you lots,

Serenity NOW said...

Great pictures of you all. That was such a fun day and great of Matt to invite us all to the Super Bowl party. Sorry we missed you and Matt at the race. love you all, Susan