Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Still On

A few weeks ago I did my 20 mile run, still preparing for the San Diego Marathon. During and after my run my ankle was hurting.....enough to make me go see the doctor. Long story short, I finally had an MRI yesterday, got the results today and the doctor said it showed nothing wrong. So I guess I'm ok! I took it easy last week, making myself find other ways to work out. Sunday I did a 4 mile run and I did another one today. I'm feeling pretty good, I'll press on!

25 more days before my 2nd marathon!!


Landon Taylor Sanchez said...


Garrett said...


Serenity NOW said...

Super!! Sounds like a great marathon to run. Glad all is well.

Love ya,


dole2obama said...

Nice job Tasha! Look forward to cheering you on!

Sandy said...

Good luck Tasha! So glad nothing was wrong!
Love, Sandy

Grandma Dee said...

Yahoo, I knew it would be ok. You have done so much training. Just one painful little setback and you're already recovered. Happy training! Luv, D