Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rock and Roll

Four months of training, early morning Saturday runs, sore legs and feet...... and all I get is this shirt?
So, I guess May is not a great month for marathons for the Rileys. First Matt's L.A. Marathon problems and now this. I seriously was contemplating how I would feel after running a marathon on a half hour of sleep. I almost talked myself into it. But in the end, I know I made the right decision. Garrett needed my help and I couldn't risk getting myself sick for the rest of the week for one run!

Now it's all uphill from here, literally. Starting this week a lot of my exercise will include walking uphill on the treadmill or walking stairs in order to get ready for the next goal on my list. No time to sit and pout about missing this marathon. We are set to climb Mt. Whitney on August 4th!


Serenity NOW said...


I can only imagine how disappointed and upset you were over not running in the marathon this morning. I wish we could have done more to help. But as you said May is one month I think the Riley's should take off the calendar for running marathon's. Any month but May. The most important thing is that you, Matt & Garrett have your health. I asked Dennis how hard it would be to run a marathon with little or no sleep. He simply said "imagine how you feel after not getting any sleep and going to work and then imagine running a marathon with no sleep." A good point to say the least. I know how horrible Garrett felt over your having to miss running in the marathon. A difficult time for you both. I have always said that things happen for a reason. Most of the time we may never know what the reason is but I truly believe that there is something that changes our course when we least expect it. You ran your first marathon last year and have 2 very hefty goals set out this year with the Mt. Whitney climb and then the 3 day cancer walk. Those in themselves are incredible goals. Our love and prayer's are with you all. Love, Susan & Dennis

Sandy said...

Dear Tasha, My heart breaks for you, however you did the right thing. You were there for Garrett, when he really needed you and it would not have been good to run on so little sleep. Climbing Mt Whitney and the cancer walk are wonderful goals.
We love you Sandy and Joe
Namie says she thinks you made the right decision as she would have been worried about you. She is lucky to have a family that supports one another. She send her love to all.

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
And that blue shirt looks sooo good on you. At least you have that to wear to train for Whitney!

Hope Garrett is all over his illness, and that you all get back to normalcy, whatever that is.

And glad to hear that Matt is OK. That sure was a scare....

Love you all, Mom

Paula said...

Hey Tasha,

CUTE picture of you if that is any consolation! We're so sorry that you weren't able to run. Garrett felt so bad. I'm glad Garrett is feeling better... that was scary too, with him feeling so horrible. Wish we could have helped you down in S.D.!!
I agree with Susan that everything happens for a reason. Sending you our love and wishes for new goals to be met!
Love, Paula and Jeff

Grandma Dee said...

Big disappointment for you, Tasha, but you have a great attitude. As my friend Amy says, "Onward and upward." And, that is just what you are doing. All of your marathon training will be good for our hike too. Can't wait to do some good hikes with you.
Lotta love,