Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Nightmare

Growing up with asthma was never an easy thing. Years of medicine, allergies to all kinds of yummy foods, having to leave friends houses early because of an attack, nights of sitting outside in the fresh air trying to get a good breath, and even sleeping on a cot in the kitchen because it was the one room in the house with the least allergens. After having kids of my own, one of my nightmares has been that I would that one of the boys would get asthma. I know it was hard for my parents watching me go through some of the hard days, and I was just hoping I would not ever have to really know how that felt.

Well, I got a taste of these feelings these past few days. Zachary has had a cold, which turned in to a cough, which turned into him struggling for air. We brought him to the urgent care on Thursday evening and the doctor right away gave him a steroid shot and started him on a breathing treatment. The smell of the treatment brought back all kinds of memories. I just wished I could take it all back on me rather than watch Zachie struggle. Thankfully the treatment helped and we were sent home with medicine. They didn't call it asthma, but rather a restricted airway due to the cold and cough. All the same, it looked and felt like it to me and chances are that Zach will have trouble with this in the future too.

A follow up trip to the doctor showed that Zach's lungs were still congested and they gave him two more treatments and we were sent home with a nebulizer to use over the weekend. Good news is that the combination of treatments and other medicines have started making him feel better. He'll have another follow up on Monday and hopefully he'll be completely better by then!

It's a hard thing being a parent. All the joys and sorrows are multiplied by 1000's when you are watching your own son or daughter!


Paula said...

That is the truth about being a parent...the joys and sorrows are multiplied and we want to suffer, instead of our child! I'm SO happy that sweet Zachie is feeling alot better. Give him a hug from Grami!
Love, Paula

Sandy said...

Dear Tasha,
I can only imagine what you have gone through watching Zachie suffer. We are so glad he is feeling better and will be able to return to school, hopefully, next week.
Love, Sandy, Joe and Namie

namie said...

Having gone through this myself, I know what Zach has gone through. Thankfully he is better.
Love, Namie

Serenity NOW said...

Our hearts went out to you and Garrett when we received the news that Zachie was sick and you all were not going to be able to join Dennis and I in Catalina this past weekend. We were so excited about our time together. We were upset over Zachie having to go through what he went through. I cried thinking of Zachie being sick and now reading your heartfelt post I cried again. I cannot imagine what it was like for you growing up living with asthma. Reading how your life was and dealing with what happens when one has asthma was very eye opening. I can only imagine how you must feel thinking that Zachie may have asthma too. Let's keep good thought's. But if Zachie is diagnosed with asthma he without a doubt has the very BEST Mother (who has lived through this) and teacher to help him through the process. You, Garrett and Kev too will be the Angel's that will give Zachie the love, strength and support that he will need. We love you all, Susan & Dennis

Anonymous said...

That made me have tears. You're a very good mom Tasha!

Give Zach a hug from Lauren (he likes her better than me)

Hang in there.
Love, Tina

dole2obama said...

I spoke with Garrett today and I am glad to hear that Zach is doing better. Take care and bring the boys to the beach this weekend!