Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

How did I get to be 35? In my mind, that's old. In my heart, I still feel like I'm just out of high school. I am happy with how my life is a 35 and I think it's just about how I imagined it would be. Except I never imagined I would have climbed Mt. Whitney or ran a marathon in my 34th year. These are just added bonuses and I hope to add more on to my list as I continue to age.

We had a fun weekend full of celebrations. On Saturday Susan and Namie came up and joined us, along with 3 couples of friends for a BBQ. It was a fun afternoon and Garrett even got to enjoy watching the Dodger game. Then on Sunday Paula, Jeff, and Mindy came up and we got to go out to Wood Ranch Grill for lunch. I only have pictures from Sunday because Paula is so good about taking them. I was just too lazy to get my camera on Saturday, but it doesn't mean it was any less memorable. I was taking "mental pictures" throughout the day.


Serenity NOW said...

Happy Birthday Tasha! Oh to be 35 again. Enjoy every moment of your wonderful life and family. Sorry I didn't get any pics on Sat. Dennis took the camera to Catalina and our old one died. Garrett snapped a couple on his iphone, I think. It was a fun day and Sunday looked like fun as well. Enjoy your birthday today.

We love you,

Susan & Dennis

P.S. AND you accomplished Half Dome too. Yikes, where to you go from here?

namie said...

Happy Birthday Tasha! And many, many more. Love, Namie

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Tasha! I know you had a fun weekend. Love the pictures.
Love, Sandy and Joe

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
We couldn't have asked for a better baby, a better child, a better teenager, a better adult. You are just " the best"!
Love, Mom and Dad

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends in the world! Even though, I'm sure I bullied you to be my friend when we were little. didn't turn out so bad! I love you more than words and can't wait to celebrate the next 35 years of friendship with you. Just think...I'm coming up on 36! Dang that sounds even older than 35!

Anonymous said...

First: "Whatever" to what Mom said! You may be "the best" daughter, but I'm the best son! Hope your day was GREAT! Graham

Anonymous said...

Girl I know just how you feel. 35 going on 19. At least we know we will be the young at heart and attitude as we age. Looks like you had a nice outing with the fam. Very cute photos. Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me share 20 or more b-days with ya.
Love Vicki

Paula said...

We loved sharing your birthday with you on Sunday. You are a wonderful daughter-in-law, awesome wife and mother and a beautiful giver to others! Wishing you a year filled with many blessings.
Love, Paula