Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween has come and gone again. The boys loved it and we had fun having Grami and Papa join us this year for trick or treating. We waited until the morning of Halloween to carve the pumpkins because we've found in the past that they quickly go bad in our warm So. Cal. weather. Kevin was very determined to carve his all by himself. He really wanted to use on of the patterns that come with the carving kit, but in the end he came up with his own cool design. The pumpkin carving saws that came with the kit both broke so Kevin very carefully used a sharp knife for the first time this year. It was hard even for me, but he stuck with it! Zach let me do most of his, but he did help me poke holes in the tracing paper for the skeleton design that we used.

Playing a little Dodge Ball before trick-or-treating. Girls vs. Boys!
Ready to hit the streets!
Zach, the mummy
(a last minute costume since he changed from wanting to be a ghost)
Kevin, a.k.a. Harry Potter
Harry Potter casting a spell on the Mummy!
Lots of candy, lots of fun. I'm sure they will be counting down the days soon until next Halloween!


Serenity NOW said...

What GREAT pictures of the goblins!
It looks and sounds like you all had a great time. And how fun that Paula and Jeff dressed up for the night as well.

Love you all, Susan, Dennis & Namie

Grandma Dee said...

I don't mind the goop, but cutting the pumpkins is so hard. I just don't do it because of that. Maybe next year I can get Kev to carve one for us. He is so strong and brave with that big knife. Yikes!
What a fun time!

Paula said...

We had such a fun time with your wonderful family! The kids made us smile the whole time and the carvings were amazing of the pumpkins! It was a "treasure" of a night for the pirates (aka..Grami and Papa) :)