Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Celebration of Life

Naomi Ruth Graham Trettin

I had blackberries on my yogurt this morning and this made me think of my grandma.
My Grandma Trettin passed away on January 7th, a day before her 94th birthday. This may be part of the reason my blogging has been postponed for so long, I knew I wanted to do a post but not sure what to say.

My Grandma lived a long life, full of hard-work, family, friends, and love. She lived through the depression and based much of her life based on the way her family lived in order to survive. Most of my memories are of visiting my grandma and grandpa on their farm in Oregon. Just about every summer we would go up for at least a week to visit. We'd also head up for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I always loved the occasional Christmas that it would snow. I have memories of "playing" the piano they had. I had no idea what I was doing, but my grandma always let me bang around on the keys. I also enjoyed picking blackberries and eating cobbler with homemade ice cream. At the funeral, most of the grandchildren share these memories of helping out on the farm. I'm thankful that I was able to bring Kevin up when he was about 2 to visit and we were able to go over to the farm to pick blackberries. Although I know he wont remember this, it is special to me that he was able to do it.
My cousins and I on the farm many years ago
Kevin and Nana picking blackberries (and eating them!)
Grandma Trettin and Kevin on the farm 2003
I enjoyed being a part of the celebration of my grandma's life. We have such an extended family that a lot of my relatives I'm not able to see often. I'm so glad I was able to make it. Being surrounded by family is important to my life. I enjoyed listening to everyone's stories and memories. I think it was pretty unanimous that my grandma was hard working and frugal, but also gave all that she could to help those that she loved. She showed her love through her work and I think that has passed down to me. It's not easy expressing myself outwardly, but it fills my heart to give to others and do what I can to help. I thank my grandma for this lesson, although I continue to work on the expressing it outwardly too. :)

Here's a picture from after the funeral. We all went back to my Aunt Sharon's house and had time to talk/listen with all of the family. It's not often that we all get together but it sure is nice when we do. I hope that there will be another reunion soon (not a funeral though....). :)


Anonymous said...

So nice to have you back with more than a quick comment or thought. We all enjoyed Grandma's celebration of life and I'm sure glad that you were able to be a part of that too.

Love, Mom

Paula said...

Those were beautiful memories of your Grandma's life, Tasha. How blessed you were to know her and have the experience of her farm. Double special that Kevin was able to be there, too! I agree that being surrounded by a loving family is one of the great pleasures in life.
Hugs, Paula

Let Freedom Ring said...

Beautifully written and shared, Tasha on the passing of your Grandmother. She sounded like such a wonderful person. How special that you have so many great memories of her that will last a lifetime. Love you,Susan

Anonymous said...

We were truly blessed to have had our grandmas for so long. A mind full of memories. And as you ate blackberries, I have an afternoon cup of coffee just as my nana did. Here's to two wonderful ladies who have impacted out lives to the fullest!

dole2obama said...

A beautiful post from my favorite blogger. Welcome back!

Sandy said...

Tasha this was such a beautiful blog/tribute to your grandmother. You have been so blessed to have her in your life and how special that Kevin was able to spend time with her. We love the pictures.
All our love, Sandy and Joe

Grandma Dee said...

Tasha, I am so glad that you are continuing your blog. It is the very best. It is a nice way to keep up on what is happening in your life and family. You have such a wonderful talent for writing and expressing yourself in your blog. And, you show your emotions and thoughts so readily. I know you are busy but I always look forward to your latest blog. I have been checking it often and saw no post and then here I am up in the middle of the night to take Indy out and I thought I would check your blog. What a treat to find all of this.

What a sweet tribute to your Grandma. She was a practical, sensible woman whose values reflected family, work and love. How blessed you were to have her for all these years. She reminds me of my Great Aunt Johanna. I used to visit her on my own for a week during the summer in Placerville. We did such fun things. She carried her firewood up her two story stairs all by herself until she was 74. She was always busy doing things for family and others. Hearing about your Grandma reminded me of her. I am reminded how much we can learn from our elders.

Love you lots,

Rochelle said...

Tasha, this tribute is absolutely beautiful. I'm sitting at work and now my makeup is all messed up from crying!

Pauly said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, but thanks for sharing some nice information about your family. Hope you are well.