Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mammoth With the Nowlins

We spent President's weekend in Mammoth with the Nowlins. We're trying to make this trip an annual tradition. It is quite an adventure with five little boys together! Mark was wondering what it would be like in ten years....teenage boys eating us out of the house! Kevin and Zach liked having "baby Caleb" around though, at least until he started begging for their food. It was very cute to see how they were treating him. Angela watched Kevin and Zach on Saturday morning while I went out skiing with Garrett and Mark. Garrett and I had fun watching all the boys on Sunday. We even managed to take them all sledding. No pictures of that though because couldn't manage to take a camera with us!


Let Freedom Ring said...

What great pictures! And wonderful memories you will have of your annual trips to Mammoth with the Nowlins. Love ya, Susan

Sandy said...

Loved the pictures. You have some wonderful memories of Mammoth and how nice that the Nowlins are able to enjoy it with you. Love, Sandy

Paula said...

You are making great memories for the boys and your family! The Nowlins are such a great family and how perfect that they have little boys, too. so they all can have fun together! Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures.
Love you, Paula