Thursday, March 4, 2010


My mom brought her knitting with her last summer and the boys would just sit next to her and watch her knit sometimes during the day. They were fascinated by it and I found myself thinking, "I want to learn too!" So my mom bought me the book that she learned from, "I Taught Myself to Knit". I let it sit in my room for probably 6 months before picking it up and then spent the first night frustrated because I couldn't figure it out. I found some sites online that showed videos and eventually was able to start.

I started by making some little practice squares, which the boys thought could be little blankets for their hamsters they were sure they were getting for Christmas. (They didn't get them, but that's a different story). My first real project was a scarf. I didn't follow a pattern, I just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. That one went to Zach and it now just sits in his closet. I started one for Kevin and then got tired of it. It is not looking great, as I tried to teach Zach how to knit on the same scarf and it has plenty of mistakes. I just finished another scarf that I actually may wear sometime. It's not perfect, but it looks kind of pretty. I'm really wanting to make things that I can give away to people, but still need more practice. My mom gives many of the blankets she makes to an organization called, Project Linus. Maybe eventually I will get to that point....when I'm retired! Although I already kind of feel like a grandma sitting and knitting, but oh well it's relaxing. For now, I will just continue slowly learning how to do it better. I guess that's the case with learning anything new, right?


roseylittlethings said...

good for you!!! the more you do it the easier it gets! i like knittingpatterncentral so may great free patterns!!! dont feel like a granny!!!!

Grandma Dee said...

I LOVE Zach's scarf. Just take it up to Mammoth when you guys go in a couple of weeks. And, I love the scarf you are wearing. Did you make that, too? I would love something like that for Christmas, though I love the OOMA that you and Garrett gave us.
My favorite memory of knitting was when i knit some slippers for a good friend (male) but lost count while watching "PT 109" and so he could actually fit them OVER his dress shoes. Guess everyone needs shoe warmers! Love you,

Let Freedom Ring said...

My Grandmother loved knitting. She made wonderful afghans for all of us which I still have today and treasure so much. I started knitting when I was in my late
20's. I loved it and found it so relaxing. I remember when Dennis was teaching and coaching at Dana Hills H.S. their colors were blue and silver. So I made my one and only afghan with the colors. It wasn't the beautiful intricate ones my Grandmother made but it was fun to make. I also attempted to make a sweater but it was a big challenge and didn't turn out that good. Haven't knitted in many a years but always remember how much fun and relaxing it was. Maybe some day I will pick it up again. Love your scarves on this post. Zachie's looks so cute in his as do you! Love you, Susan

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
You'll get better and better with time and practice, and as long as you enjoy the knitting, there's nothing negative about the activity.

Once you do get to the point that you're proud of what you've made, it feels so very good to be able to give your creations away!

I'm anxious to see your next project, since Zach and you look soooo stylish!
Love, Mom

Paula said...

Loved the pictures of the scarves...they are gorgeous! I encourage you to keep it up. It's such a good feeling when you create something! I would like to pick it up again someday....hats would be fun to make.
Love, Paula

Sandy said...

I love the scarves, Tasha. I agree, the more you knit, the easier it gets and you will enjoy it more. It is something you can pick up and do at anytime.
Love ya, Sandy