Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Proud

I'm so proud of our boys! Yesterday Zachary received an award for academic achievement in reading and math. You could not have seen a happier boy. Unfortunately I had to miss him actually getting the award due to work, but thankfully Garrett was able to be there and capture it on film for me. He was very excited to show it to me when I picked him up though! Then today Kevin received an award for academic achievement in math. I had rearranged my schedule so I could see him receive it (before knowing Zach would be getting one on Monday). He was much less excited, on the outside, about receiving it because he's a big cool 3rd grader, but it was very fun seeing all his classmates congratulating him! These boys both work so hard in school and we are very proud of them!!


dole2obama said...

Congratulations to Kevin and Zach!

Let Freedom Ring said...

Wow.................2 days in a row............first Zachs academic achievement award and now Kevin with his academic achievement award in math!! We are so proud of you Kevin and Zach.
Keep up the great work!! WE love you both a TON.

Love, Auntie Susan, Uncle Dennis

Sandy said...

Congratulations to Kevin and Zach!!Outstanding, boys.
Lots of love,
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Joe

Rochelle said...

Congrats! That's cuz you are such a good mom! Love that Kevin is holding his award upside down!

Grandma Dee said...

Yeah! The award in Math - that is so cool. Grandpa and I are so proud of you. I think you have gotten really good in Math. This is awesome. And, Zachie, as I said at your Dad's blog, you are so smart. Congratulations to both of you smart, smart, smart guys. And Indy says "hi" too.
Love you so much,
Grandma Dee and Grandpa

Paula said...

Fantastic news for both Zach and Kevin!! Working hard in school is SO important....you guys rock....and are really smart!
Love you much, Grami xo