Monday, December 8, 2008

Everything Christmas

We packed our weekend so full of Christmas, we had it coming out of our ears!  It started Friday night when we went to the metro station to see the Holiday Train come in carrying Santa.  Unfortunately we couldn't see very well and we learned that we could actually see better if we were in the we'll know better for next year.  The boys were able to donate toys to the fireman to go to Toys for Tots before the train arrived though.  Then Saturday morning we went to the Santa parade in downtown Newhall.  Very short, but sweet.  Followed by a Literacy Arts Festival at Hart Park, where the boys played in a little bit of "real snow".  From there the boys and I went to Michael's so we could begin some of their Christmas projects for gifts. The rest of the afternoon was like Santa's workshop around here.  The boys were working on gifts while waiting for their Gingerbread house to dry so they could decorate it!

On Sunday the boys sang at the Church's program.  As always, it's cute to see them sing.  Then we got to enjoy a visit from Aunt Susan, Uncle Dennis, and Namie.  I had told the boys they could paint one of our windows as they had seen windows painted downtown during the parade.  So Uncle Dennis jumped right in and helped them create a beautiful window painting.  Immediately following their visit, we walked over to the Christmas tree lot around the corner from us, picked out a tree and carried it home.  Kevin especially liked looking at all the past ornaments this year.  We followed that up by going to the hospital where they had their annual tree lighting festival, came home to make pizza, and finally got to bed.

Now I quickly am catching my breath before starting a new day.  We are packing in more today as we head down to Denise's house for her annual holiday open house right after school.  I got the Christmas cards and letter done, so now I just have to get them ready to send out.  I still have absolutely no Christmas presents bought....with the exception of 2 e-bay purchases which I am hoping that they will get here in time for Christmas!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our fun-filled weekend!


namie said...

What a nice time we had with you all yesterday. Love all the pictures. See you soon.

Love, Namie

namie said...

These pictures are adorable and beautiful. Zachie with his trumpet is just too cute!! We had so much fun yesterday with all of you. The window painting by the "3 boy's" turned out great!! I loved the Merry Christmas 2008 Kevin wrote on the window in addition to Dennis and Zach's painting's. How fun to be able to walk to pick out your tree and then carry it home. Your tree is beautiful. Looking at the boy's decorate the tree reminds me just how much they have grown as they are getting closer to the top of the tree every year. Time sure is flying.

Love you all. Susan

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Boy, you sure did have a jam-packed weekend! The pics were great! We went up to Cloverdale last eve. to join in the Christmas celebration at Graham and Tina's church. Graham was in the choir, and Lauren in the play. Cody was a stage hand, and Tina sat with us in the audience.For such a small church, they have a great singing group! Lauren was not feeling well, so we didn't stay long afterwards. We didn't want Grandma to pick up any bad germs. Talk to you soon. Love, Mom

Sandy said...

What an incredible weekend you had, packed with so much fun. I can't wait to see your house with all the decorations. It was so good seeing you and the boys yesterday.

Love to all Sandy