Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I know I'm getting behind on the whole blog thing.  It used to be that I would wake up, check on the other blogs that I read and then do my own.  Now, I get up and get sucked into the world of Facebook.  Now I constantly know what every one of my friends are doing and even get a peek into the world of people I used to know.  Unfortunately it has left me lagging behind in my own world.... putting off waking the boys up for school, putting off going shopping for Christmas, putting off going for a run.  I'll just blame it all on Facebook!  

I did finally get to go out shopping yesterday and was semi-successful.  Zach and I are going to go out for a little bit today and see what other things we can find.  I think I'm done shopping for the boys.....now I just need to find something for that other big boy that lives in the house (the one who has everything).  


Serenity NOW said...

I hear you Tasha on the computer time AND now Facebook time. It is fun but it sure shortens the day with regard to getting thing's accomplished. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Love you all, Susan

Garrett said...

I don't need anything doll....I already have you (:

Sandy said...

I love Garrett's comment. Tasha, you have already given us so much just watching you with the boys [and Garrett] and you being part of our family is all we need. You and Garrett are such an inspiration to parents everywhere. It is so much fun to be with all of you.
Love Sandy, Joe & Namie