Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Real True Hug

Kevin doesn't give away hugs easily.  Yesterday he went in to his Kindergarten teacher's room to deliver a present we made for her for doing such a great job with Spirit Team.  Our friend Geraldine was in the classroom at the time and she was able to capture the moment perfectly.  I just had to share it with all of you!


Serenity NOW said...

How adorable. I am going to try and sneak a hug on Christmas Eve. Love you all, Susan

Paula said...

That was so sweet of Kevin! We are looking forward to giving and getting Christmas hugs from everyone soon! xo

Grandma Dee said...

He has such a sweet heart. So touching. Very special that your friend caught the photo.

Can't wait for Christmas!

Sandy said...

As a former Kindergarten teacher, Kevin I know your teacher REALLY appreciated getting a hug and thanks from you. There are some children you never forget and you are one. Now we are ready for our hugs. Love to all and see you on Christmas Eve.
Love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
You know, the best gift I received this year was a real cuddle time with Kevin at Thanksgiving, while reading Believe it or Not. Head to head, my arm around him, and bodies smack up against each other. The best!

namie said...

I would like one of those hugs too!

Love you all, Namie

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I caught it! ;-)