Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sail On Sailor

The boys and I had a great time sailing with Uncle Dennis on Saturday. We headed down a little early so we could stop in at Namie's house and try and beat the traffic. It's been a few years, I think, since I've been out on Serenity Now. The boys have been out more than I have. Since they are getting older I was actually able to enjoy this trip and not have to worry about them or watch them so carefully this time. It was fun to see them so comfortable on the boat! Of course I did end up with Zach on my lap for the last part of the trip, but I guess there is only so much a young sailor can handle.

We got back into the dock and got to have a great dinner down by the water. What a treat to find an open picnic table on Labor Day weekend! Zach passed out on the way home as soon as we hit the freeway. Kevin, on the other hand, managed to stay awake the whole ride home listening to Harry Potter on tape and then wanted to watch the movie after we got home.

Oh, and one other special thing we gained from this trip..... meet "Red Head". Uncle Dennis so generously gave this to Kevin to borrow. It's a red tail hawk that is about 40 years old, as he made in while in college. It's been carefully protecting Kevin's legos for the past few nights.

Thanks again guys for a great time!!


Serenity NOW said...

Oh my gosh what GREAT pictures of your sail with Dennis. I love the boys at the helm. I am so happy you all loved the sail AND we all were able to enjoy dinner together afterwards. It was quite amazing that the lone empty table was open just as we came out of the parking lot. On Labor day, at that time is quite amazing to have an open space. So happy that red head is enjoying his new home and is safely guarding Kevs legos. AND Garrett said watching over the boys too. Love you all, Susan

P.S. Come down and sail again soon. The Captain is available 24/7.............. :)

namie said...

What wonderful pictures of you all sailing. I am so happy you had such a great time. I so enjoyed our barbecue after your sail at the Marina. A wonderful day.
Love to all, Namie

Sandy said...

What a great time ALL of you had! The pictures tell it all. Wonderful day for sailing!
Congratulations on Kevin's new "pet".
I still can't believe he wants it in his bedroom!
Love, Sandy

Rochelle said...

You are such a nice mom...cuz I would NEVER hang that hawk in my house!

roseylittlethings said...

Looks like so much fun!

dole2obama said...

Man, Kevin sure is lucky to get the famous hawk in his room!