Thursday, September 18, 2008

Batkid and Joker

I came home to find the boys looking like this yesterday.  "It's washable!",  Kevin said.  Today the boys, especially Zach, look like they have a little bit of black eyes.  I guess "washable" is meant for washing off clothes, not skin.

Look, Batkid lost his tooth at school yesterday!
"Why so serious, Batman?"


Karen said...

adorable pictures! how creative!

Kelly said...

What clever little boys! Too CUTE!! :)

Rochelle said...

So cute. I hope they didn't do that because I shared with them both that I painted Brandon's face like spiderman. I have to give it to those boys - they are creative


Very creative of the boys!! How cute they look and how much fun for them to be able to paint their faces. love to all, Susan


P.S. Was that a new tooth that Kevin lost at school?

Paula said...

The adventures of boyhood! Those pictures are great memory fun and cute.
Kewvin's tooth is out!!!


Grandma Dee said...

What a riot! Great memories and very funny guys. It must have been after we "iChatted." I read them "Wodney Wat" and Kevin remembered almost every punchline. How does he do that? It must be an inherited trait. And, Zach kept saying, "When are we going to be done?" I think I need to brush up on my reading skills! I hope that their faces looked just that funny for school today. I love how they "experiment." Or did Daddy also encourage that?

Have fun while we are gone. We will see you when we return.

Love you lots,
Grandma Dee and Grandpa