Monday, September 29, 2008


I know it's usually T.G.I.F. but today I am thankful that it is Monday and we got through the busy weekend.  Now I get a little time to reorganize my thoughts and see what's happening this week!

First things first.  Here are some cute pictures of my little helper making cookies last Thursday.  He really wanted to try and do it all by himself, like in the "Froggy Bakes a Cake" book, but I helped out a little.  

Next, this weekend we filled our time up by going to the Street Art Festival on Saturday and returning on Sunday to see the finished products.  Once again, Kevin was fascinated by how they do it and wants to go buy some more chalk to draw on our driveway like last year.  He's started a few art projects of his own recently and I will have to get them posted soon to share with you all.

And lastly, I am continuing my running and this past Saturday I ran about 19 miles.....I thought it was 20, but after measuring it again, it was closer to 19.  Close enough, right?  I have 5 weeks left before the Santa Clarita Marathon and am actually feeling pretty good about it.  So let's hope nothing out of the ordinary happens between now and then!



The cutest little helper I have seen. The cookies looked yummy and congratulate Zachie and making his own cookies.

Also congrats., again on the 19 miles. 10 or 20, either way that is a great run. Can't wait for the marathon. What a goal.

love ya, Susan

Rochelle said...

And we all just caught you eating cookie dough before a marathon!

Karen said...

aww...this is very adorable. now if only i could run 20 miles like you i could bake cookies with my kids. sounds like you had a wonderful day!


Oops, I meant to say 19 or 20. :)

Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

Cute self portrait with you and Zach tasting the beaters!

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Teach 'em how to cook now, and their future wives will thank you! He looks like he's doing a good job, besides looking awfully handsome!

See you soon.
Love, Mom

Kelly said...

Yummy cookies! They're my downfall!! :) ... And WOW! on the 19 miles! I am so excited for you! How long does it take?

tasha said...

it took about 3 1/2 hrs, which was faster than I thought it would take. And yes, I think the cookie dough helped me go faster!