Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures From the Weekend

">Thank you to Uncle Dennis for a great slideshow of the boys' weekend in San Clemente!


Anonymous said...

how lucky are you Tash....
that you get to live close to family and that they will take your boys for the weekend and you and Garrett can hang out and do whatever you want. I am so jealous! Great pics by the way...
love ya,


WE had such a great time. Wish it was a week ago and the boys were coming down. Look forward to our next visit. Love you all, Susan

P.S. Have a wonderful time at your conference, Tasha and a super time with Tina and Rochelle.

Paula said...

Oh, those were great pictures! It looked like the boys had such a great time sailing. Susan and Dennis, you are so great to share your boat and sailing fun with the little guys. What great memories they will have.
Did "Bat-Cheetah" get a new outfit? :)
Lots of love, Paula

Grandma Dee said...

The pix were so adorable. Great job, Dennis. I know the little guys had a great time. You can see it by the excitement on their faces. They are so lucky to be able to go sailing at such a young age.

Thanks for sharing all the pix with us, Tasha!
Grandma Dee