Monday, September 8, 2008

Women of Faith

Garrett's been getting on my case to update my blog ....... so I finally found the time tonight.  I got back yesterday from my weekend away with "the girls".  I had a great long weekend!  

We started off on Thursday at Disneyland.  You'd think I might want to go somewhere else, but it was very different going to Disneyland with no kids.  We had a lot of fun and the best part was that there were very short lines.  That made the day so worth it.  I even got to go on California Screamin' that I've never been on before because the kids were not big enough.  It made me scream and feel a little sick.  Following that up with Tower of Terror was enough for me to need to sit out while Rochelle and Tina went on the tower again.  Unfortunately Disneyland closed at 8, so there were no fireworks or electrical parade, but the three of us were feeling very old because we were done at 8 and I think I was asleep by 9:15.  Still the first one asleep at a slumber party!

The Women of Faith conference started on Friday and I enjoyed all of it.  The speakers were great, as always.  I laughed and cried, sang and danced, and tried to take it all in.  All of the speakers have this great sense of humor that they throw in at unusual moments.  In all honestly though, I think the two "women of faith" that I enjoyed the most were Tina and Rochelle.  They both have been through many trials in their lives and they are very open and honest about their lives and how they have continued to have faith throughout their lives.  I wish that I was able to open up more and share more of my life with others, but it's something that I continue to work towards.  

The conference continued all day Saturday and then following the conference, despite  Garrett pleading for us to come home early, we hung out at the hotel and went out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  I couldn't have asked for a better "girls weekend" away.  

Sunday we drove back to our house and Kevin said he wanted "the funny lady" to stay.  That would be Rochelle.  She could have been up on stage with the other women.  She always is coming up with something funny, making everyone around her laugh.  Unfortunately "the funny lady" and Aunt Tina had a long drive ahead of them and we had to say goodbye.  I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the boys tell me stories about what they did while I was gone.  

Thanks girls for a great weekend!!  I will be ready for another one soon.....


Sandy said...

Tasha, I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. It is always refreshing being away, however to have it combined with an uplifting "event" such as Women of Faith, I'm sure made it extra special.
Love to all

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
I'm sure that Tina and Rochelle would say "ditto" for the weekend with you.
And it's good to let the husbands and kids miss you a lot, so they won't be so likely to take you for granted for the next couple days, at least!

I'm delighted that you "girls" got to play and just hang out together, and take in all that the conference had to offer. Recharges the batteries, Huh?

Talk to you soon. Love, Mom

Rochelle said...

Tasha, We loved every minute with you. Your quietness is always welcomed and it is such a gift because when you speak - it makes us listen. You always have a sweetness about you. You also have the element of surprise. When we don't expect it you bust out in the funniest things! We love it. The infinite grace is that we have been blessed with a friendship with such a strong connection. Just know that when you don't want to speak we are there and when you want to speak, we are there for you. We had a blast! Loved the singing in the car with the windows down! Love Tina and Rochell

Grandma Dee said...

Sounds like you had as much fun on your girls' weekend as I had with my college friends Kathy and Karen. We are the best support for each other and always have the others' interests and well-being at heart. That kind of love and honesty is rare. I know that you treasure your special time. How wonderful that you are able to get the time to do this. So healthy!
Grandma Dee