Monday, September 15, 2008


I just realized I never updated on Zach's first day of preschool, which was now almost 2 weeks ago.  He is such a big boy now and is participating much more in his class than last year.  On the first day of school both Garrett and I brought him to the playground.  Garrett went off to work after saying goodbye and I was planning on waiting until it was time to line up.  Zach comes up and asks me, "When are you going to leave."  I told him when it was time to line up I would go.  So he's fine with that and goes off to play again.  As soon as it's time he comes up to me and says, "Ok, you can go now!"  No tears, no clinging to mommy's legs, nothing!   I'm glad that he's comfortable there now and he's been excited to go every day since starting this year.  

Another thing he's been excited about is the Tumblebees bus that comes to his school every Monday.  It's a bus that has been transformed into a small gym.  All the seats have been removed and they put in some climbing equipment and mats, ropes and small trampolines inside.  He goes for half an hour and loves it.  Today he was so excited to show us that he learned how to do a summersault.

I had a cute video, but it's not working.  Check back later!


Grandma Dee said...

Oh, Tasha, I am so glad to hear he is enjoying preschool this year. He is growing up quickly. He has such a gentle, confident way about him. So glad that he is happy there. This makes it much easier for you to take time for yourself and not feel guilty. You and Garrett are such wonderful parents. You should both be so proud of the fine boys you have brought into this world. They give so many of us joy and great stories to tell. Love them and you to pieces, Grandma Dee P.S., Hope you are still having fun on your jury. Can't wait to hear the details when you are finished.

Paula said...

He is growing up.....these are such precious times and they go by so quickly! Savor every sweet moment!
Adorable pictures of our guy, Zach! I love the "tumblebee bus" and it's great that Zach loves to go in there and play. Give him a hug from Grami for the somersault feat!! :)
Love to all...


Oh that Zachie boy is sooooooo adorable. And obviously quite comfortable with school this year. Cute story and his wanting you to leave school. I love the gym bus that comes to their school. What a great idea and super way for kids to get involved. I can't wait to see Zach do his somersault. love you all, Susan