Thursday, January 8, 2009

All For A Little Mold

Growing up in Santa Rosa we had mold problems.  It just came with the territory (and probably the older house).  My parents dealt with it but really when you live in a wetter climate, it is bound to be there.  We had it in Ventura too, part of the reason I had more trouble with asthma in both places.  Now years later, and about a month after "the duck" incident they are finally getting around to fixing our leak and mold problems.  Here is a look at how they deal with mold now days.  None of this spraying some bleach on it and be done.  No, they have the whole area sealed off so they can do there work and not contaminate the rest of the house with the mold spores.  Very thoughtful.....except for the tiny holes that I see in the plastic where something happened to poke through!  Hopefully this will all be taken care of soon!!


Serenity NOW said...

Yikes what a project!! Glad that they will get rid of the mole though. Hang in there. Love you all, Susan

Anonymous said...

Oh this so reminds me of what had to happen out our house about 3 years ago. We noticed a bit of mold forming on a base board downstairs. When we called out the warranty guy they discovered that 4 of our windows (2 up stairs, 2 down) were installed in correctly. They had to replace huge sections inside our walls upstairs and down. Our house looked like it was under quarantine. Plastic hung up up everywhere, special airlock entrance zones, the works! We were actually displaced from our home and put up in a "Home-tel" for 6 weeks. Makenzie even celebrated her 4th birthday at the "home-tel" that summer. Oh, the memories. We would sneak over in the evenings to see what they were doing and to have the occasional picnic dinner in our front room. -- good times!!

I hope that yours get resolved quickly and the workers get out of there fast. It can't be fun having them in your house all the time. ~ Kelly

Paula said...

Sorry you guys have to go through the mold thing and I hope the problem get fixed easily.
Remember when they had to pull out our whole back bathroom last year from mold and part of the hallway, too? We feel your pain and know what you are going through!
Love, Paula

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Oh, my goodness. What a job!
You probably don't remember the worst mold we had when we lived on Moorland Ave. It flooded that year and our property was in the flood zone. There was so much standing water under the house that the floor furnace started bubbling! You were having an awful time with your asthma, until we found the culprit.... green fuzz growing under our bed! Oh, gross!!

Once we got a sump pump set up under the house and put in a wall furnace, things dried up OK, but each time you'd start wheezing, we'd go on a "mold hunt", and could always find the source of your problems.

Glad those days are over, and hope it will be real quick for your life to back to normal too. Love, Mom

Sandy said...

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine having to deal with all of that. At least it will be taken care of.
Love ya