Monday, January 26, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Saturday we went to our 2nd Pinewood derby since Kevin became a scout.  Last year we had no idea what to expect.  This year we were a little more prepared but still we don't put into it what other scouts (or scout dads) do.  Kevin wanted to make the Batmobile.  His first car turned out to be illegal, having to do with the way it was cut in the front, so Garrett managed to get another one cut out for Kevin the day before the race.  

I had fun this year because I saw Kevin was doing much better than last year.  No melt downs and he was watching most of the races.  Seemed like he had fun too.  Zach wanted to leave right after In-N-Out came with burgers for everyone!

Each year we will learn a little more.  I'm trying to get Kevin to go for the sportsmanship trophie, which is the biggest of all.  The boy who won this year was standing up and cheering the ENTIRE time.  Very cute!  Not sure we'll ever get as fancy as some of the other cars, but as long as Kevin is enjoying it we will continue.

Kevin's car is the blue one in the middle, next to the cute Ladybug.
Mmmm.... In-N-Out (That's what all that popcorn money goes to!)
Watching and waiting


Serenity NOW said...

Very cool car Kevin! It looks like it was alot of fun. AND you were all able to enjoy the yummy In and out burger's after the derby was over.

Love you all, Susan

Garrett said...

Yes I have very sensitive ears and eyes grammar school I was voted "sweetest and most sensitive boy"

Paula said...

I laughed out loud at the picture of Garrett!!
I'm so glad that Kevin is enjoying the Pinewoood Derby races now. We had SO MUCH fun doing all of that with Mike (he kept his cars forever in his room) and it was so much fun doing it with Garrett and Matt when they were little.
Kevin, you car looked awesome! Sending you and Zach a big hug!

Love you, Paula