Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

I spent this past weekend at "home".  It's my parents house and I technically have never actually lived in this house for more than 3 months, but I still call it home.  I had been wanting to get up to Santa Rosa to check on my mom.  She always says she's doing fine, feeling good, not much different, but I wanted to see for myself.  Turns out she is doing well.  The treatments are making her more tired than usual but less than three weeks left of those and then hopefully she is home free.  

It was good to just get away for a little bit.  I get caught up in being a mom and feeling like I have to do everything.  It's good to know that the boys are actually fine while I'm away and I come back feeling like I can handle their "stuffed animal talk" more easily than before.  I enjoyed my time reading, going for a couple runs, visiting with friends, and even going to some garage sales with my parents....a "must do" on Saturday mornings in the Trettin house.  

I didn't even mind waiting for the planes.  Both times I was one of the last ones called and just barely made it on.  But it beats driving 7 hours by myself!  I literally was on the second to last page of my book when the plane landed in L.A. on Monday.  I almost just sat and let everyone get off while I finished!  

So now I am back HOME and got to enjoy watching the inauguration this morning in Kevin's classroom with Zach on my lap.  I loved that all the classrooms had the t.v.s on this morning.  The kids didn't quite enjoy it as much as watching a Spongebob episode, but I know Kevin's teacher kept pointing out to the kids what a historic day this was!


Anonymous said...

Mom says:
It was good for us to have you "home" for a little bit too. And I know what you mean when you say,"I had to see for myself". But I am doing well, and very much looking forward to the end of these treatments!

Glad to hear that you got on the flight you had hoped for.

Thanks for the visit! Love, Mom

Paula said...

Tasha, I am so glad that your mom is doing well. I think of her often and hope the time speeds by and she is quickly at the end of her treatments. It was so good that you went up there!
I'm also glad you had time to refresh yourself and take a break from being mom. We all need that! :)
Love to the family, Paula

Sandy said...

Dear Tasha,
I am really glad your mom is doing so well and I know you just had to see her for yourself. Also, I can appreciate waiting for planes, however, as you said, it does beat driving, especially by yourself.
We had a wonderful time with the boys down at Namie's. They are so cute and so much fun to be with. Tuesday was such a special day and so important you were able to watch it with the boys.
Love to all Sandy

Grandma Dee said...

So glad you got to go up and see your mom. I am sure that it made you feel better to go up and see her in person. Moms are really special. So are dads, but moms understand what their daughters go through and vice versa. It's a girl thing.

Sooo, did you find anything good on the garage sale trip?

Love to you,