Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hyper Dash

I finally convinced Kevin to open one of his presents from Aunt Susan and Uncle Dennis.  I thought he would like it if he just tried it.  And....Zach can play too on the easier levels.  Check them out playing!


Serenity NOW said...

GREAT to see the boy's enjoying Hyper Dash. I thought it looked like a fun game. Namie and I had the very BEST time with Kev and Zach today!! They are the BEST!! So fun and full of energy and great humor too. They are so thoughful of Namie that it brings tears to my eyes. From Kevin clearing a path so Namie would be able to safely pass to get to the chair, to Zach knowing that Namie wasn't able to get down on the floor to play hippo so he pulled the ottoman over in front of Namie so she would be able to play with the 3 of us!! Wonderful, caring gentle boys indeed. And of course the line of the day from Zach asking if Namie was telling the story about Uncle Matt saying that "I didn't want to go to the dumb Rose Parade anyway". These times are so special!!! Love you all.............Auntie Susan and Namie

P.S. Zach, I hope you get to take the K to share with you on Friday.
P.S.S. Kevin.............the Lego's that you put together were amazing!!! I am so glad that I didn't almost run into the pineapple, twice. GREAT job.

Paula said...

LOVED what you said about the boys, Susan! They are the best. I am missing them already since we saw them over the New Year's holiday!
Thanks for the video, Tasha. Kevin was out to get those colors! :)
Love you all, Paula

Grandma Dee said...

What a fun and active game the boys got from Susan and Dennis. Watching them play it was a riot. Both so into it. I bet they get faster and faster at it. Sort of like an active (interactive) video game. Great idea.

Yes, the little guys are so gentle and thoughtful with Namie, just like I recall Garrett and Matt being with Grandma. I remember when we were camping in Kings Canyon one time and Grandma was running to get the shuttlecock during badmitten and just kept running and almost hurt herself. Garrett was so concerned about her and ran to her to make sure she was ok. The Riley guys (all) are pretty wonderful.
Happy New Year!
Grandma Dee