Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Small Duffel Bag

Going to Mammoth the boys are allowed to fill one small duffel bag with toys of the choosing.  Once that is full, that's it, no more toys.  We typically only go for a few days and are usually out doing things, so they don't need a whole lot.  This last trip was no exception and now that we are back I am wishing that each boys could just have a bag full of toys here at the house and that's it.  The truth is the toys that they play most often with fit in a little bag.  All the rest of the toys are just there to clutter up their rooms.  (no offense to the people who have given them great toys as gifts.....Garrett and I have filled their rooms with toys too!)  

Anyway, limiting their toys in Mammoth make it much easier to clean up and it gives the boys more time to be creative.  For example, Kevin worked for several days on creating a new "candyland" game - that he named Super Mario Gallaxy.  He drew all the pictures, made the cards, and the little guys to move around the board.  It's a completely awesome game!  I'm always amazed at what the boys can come up with when left to their own imagination.

Meanwhile, back here at home the boys have Vacation Bible School all this week.  Which gives me a little bit of free time.  Don't be surprised if the next picture that shows up is just a bag in the middle of an empty room because I've cleaned it all out while they are gone for three hours.......just kidding, I have better things to do with my time!


Anonymous said...

Mom says:
I can't believe how detailed Kevin's game is! That boy has some real talent!

Glad to hear you have a little time for yourself. It is sooooo important! Helps restore patience, creativity, sanity, etc.....

Love, Mom

Grandma Dee said...

Kevin's Super Mario Galaxy game was just incredible. I got to play it. Very creative and it took a fair amount of time to play with Kevin, Garrett, Mandy and me. I loved how he thought out each trail and where to stop, noted where you could take a shortcut and where you could not, insisted that you "slide" from one space to another, and did not get upset when Mandy won. He is growing up, as well as being an artistic creator. I think he may even make up games or invent things when he gets older.
Hugs to you all,