Monday, July 21, 2008

It's No Yosemite......But

We had a good camp out in our backyard Friday night.  I was jealous knowing that my parents and brother's family were in Yosemite camping this past weekend, so I asked the boys if they wanted to sleep in the backyard.  Kevin and I had done this once last summer, but Zach has never slept in a tent.  We had the tent, the s'mores, and the comforts of home when it just got to be too uncomfortable for me at 5:30 in the morning.  If we are to ever go camping "for real" we definitely need to upgrade our tent.  The four of us are out growing the one we have, especially if we want to have our blow up mattresses in there....which is really a must.

In other news, the boys had a great time at Vacation Bible School last week.  They had a lot of fun, learned quite a bit, and Kevin got to make a really cool surfboard out of wood which I'll have to get a picture of later.  

And then to top off a great week, the boys got to go down to Grami and Papa's house on Saturday, spend the night and then go to LegoLand on Sunday.  They had a ton of fun there.  Grami said the boys could have spent hours in the shops looking at all the different kinds of Legos.  They each got one box of Legos to take home.  Kevin said his favorite ride was the Fairy Tale ride and Zach's was looking for the 7 keys.  Thanks Grami and Papa for thinking of this for them!  (of course this also meant that Garrett and I had a little time to ourselves this weekend which is always nice too!)

Lastly, for those of you have been on the edge of you seats, waiting for an update on my running, here goes for last week:

Monday: 3.5
Tues: 4.4
Wed: 1 mile walk
Thurs: Kickboxing
Friday: 4.4
Saturday: 11
Sunday: rest

I'm getting back into the groove and feeling pretty good.  My pain in my knee has gone away so I am glad that I took care of myself.  105 days until the Santa Clarita Marathon......that sounds like forever!!


Grandma Dee said...

Wow, a lot of fun news! Congrads on a great exercise week. Sounds like the boys had a great time at LegoLand. I've never been there. Gotta make it sometime. My gosh, are there any two more handsome surfer dudes than Zach and Kevin? Great pix and looks like it was a very fun Vacation Bible week.
Thanks for your share,
Grandma Dee


What fun and memorable times for you all. I do think maybe a bigger tent is in order. We have the 1980 Hilton if you ever want to borrow it. It is a classic and whenever we set it up when we camp people walk by and just stare. It is a tent we all went in on when Garrett and Matt were little. Not sure how we ended up with it but most likely because MOST people move on to newer tents. But I will tell you it is very, very roomy and you would love it. Anyway the marshmellows around the firepit, the ghost stories and the ad on stories sounded great. But I am sure the ground was pretty hard even with 4 of you on the blow up mattress. Loved the pics of the boys. Sounds like they had a full packed week and weekend what with Bible study and then Legoland with Paula and Jeff. That is what summers are for, right??? Love you all, Susan, Namie and Mennis

P.S. Congrats on a great week of running. You must be getting out early before things really heat up. Keep on movin' up.

GEKALOLI said...

Camping in your own backyard and Lego Land, my kids would be in heaven!

Paula said...

We had a great time with the little guys!! We love spending time with them....they are alot of fun!
They were both so proud of their VBS crafts, especially Kevin's surfboard. I forgot to tell you that Kevin read all of his Bible stories to us on theway down to Legoland. :)
Give them hugs for us...

Rochelle said...

Hope you read about my camping trip! I would have rather have been at yours!The kids did vacation bible school a few weeks ago and it was "Outrigger Island" too. They were also in the church musical. Can you believe I didn't have my camcorder or camera with me? Anyways, my knees have started to hurt me too! I'm gettin old girl!

dole2obama said...

Tell Kevin and Big Z I like their style