Thursday, July 17, 2008


On Saturday, I got back from a run, quickly took off my shoes and asked the boys if they wanted to see something.  They followed me outside and watched me jump into the pool, running clothes and all.  They thought it was very funny and of course wanted to join in.  So we had an early morning swim, the boys in their underpants and me in my running clothes.  I think it was the best the pool has felt all summer and I am fairly sure that same thing is going to happen each Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Mom says:

You must have been one hot babe for you to jump in a cold pool!

We're off to Yosemite today, but won't be seeing the top of half-dome like you did.
Dad's got lots of shorter hikes planned and a list of beautiful sites to see. We're all looking forward to it, although it takes so much work to get everything ready! But worth every minute of it.

Talk to you when we get back.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

That is super cute! Those are the moments that are remembered!
Did you get any mail from me?
Talk to you soon.

Grandma Dee said...

How refreshing! I loved having a pool when we were growing up. It was great fun to jump in there after hiking around the hills all day. Back then we had lots of empty land, just ripe for exploring. My favorite time was going in the pool at night with the pool lights on and watching the bubbles sparkle from the lights. That was the beauty of living in the Valley. Warm (hot!) summer days and balmy nights.
So glad you can enjoy your pool,