Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dodger's 11

We don't usually celebrate Dodger's birthday, but this year Garrett thought it would be fun for the boys so he went out and got some little cupcakes.  He was planning on giving on to Dodger too, but I thought she might like a meatball better.  So here's some pictures of our little party this evening.
Yes, we actually lit a candle and sang to our dog!
Here's the meatball in midair.
Ok, off to pack for Mammoth.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute for everything!


Rochelle said...

You guys are too much!


Very , very cute. I am sure Dodger will have a wonderful birthday week in Mammoth. Love you all, Susan

Double V said...

Very cute Tash. Alexander has been asking to get a dog. Not til he can clean up after himself i say. It would definetly put me over the edge.
I can't believe he is 11 already. Time flys.
Have a safe and fun 4th

Luv vic

Grandma Dee said...

What a cutie Dodger is. Hope she is having fun in Mammoth. Give her a Happy Birthday hug for me. Reminds me of when we had a birthday party for our dog, Muffin and the contractor and his helpers who were doing our house all put on party hats and had birthday cake with Muffin. I am sure that she too would have preferred a meatball, but she got her cake and ate it too!
Love, Denise