Thursday, July 31, 2008


Time's up!  I will be leaving to go pick up the boys very soon and believe it or not, I'm ready.  I enjoyed my time without them, but to be honest it was a little boring without them around.  Boring is good sometimes though.  

After work yesterday I got home around 2 and was thinking about all the things I could do on my own.  I ended up swimming in the pool, actually doing laps, and then just lounging in the raft afterwards.  I think that's my favorite way to spend a hot afternoon.  And I didn't have to "look, mom, look" at anything.  Afterwards I read my new book that I picked up from the library and even took a short nap on the couch.  

And now, the house is clean and ready for the whirlwinds to come racing back home.  I'm ready too.


Rochelle said...

I know the feeling. Although we yearn for those quiet moments we miss the noise of our children.


So glad you were able to having some down time for yourself. It sounds wonderful floating in the pool, reading a book and taking a nap. Nothing better to charge the batteries. Looking forward to Kevie and Zachie coming down to San Clemente and the end of August.
Love you all, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

We had a great time with Zach and Kevin. We spent the night in the hotel, went to TGIFridays, had breakfast in our room and then off to the San Diego zoo. Some healthy food and some cheetos :-/ (regular and hot), some dippin dots. Lots of water, walking, riding on the double-decker bus and on the Skyfari tram. We saw lots of meerkats, gorillas, camels, elephants, okapi, gerenuks, duikers, sun bears, 2 grizzly cubs, lions (very sleepy, lazy) and more. Then, we made a stop at the children's gift store for Kevin, Zach and one for Namie. We stopped to have a fun evening and dinner with Namie, Susan & Dennis. Then we drove home and were we tired. But, we had fun family time! Then off to meet Mommy at the LA Zoo. I think now I am even zooed out. We hope that the little guys will come and stay with us again this summer.
Love, Grandma Dee and Grandpa

Sandy said...

Tasha, I'm so glad you had some time to youself. You deserved it. I'm really looking forward to being with the boys in August.
Love to all