Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Games

This week our church has been having Kids Games, which is kind of like vacation bible school, but with more of a sports theme.  It's every evening from 5 to 8:15 and I signed up to be a small group leader with the 2nd graders, Kevin's group.  Now I know why I didn't go to school to become a teacher.  Yes, I am called a "speech teacher" by some, but I have my little group and most of the time work one on one.  That I can handle.  Twelve 7 year olds is another story.  Especially ones that are all wound up from the activities before hand.  Luckily I only have them for about 50 minutes, where I actually am supposed to be teaching them and having them listen to me.  The rest of the time I just need to keep them together and try and keep them quiet when others are talking.  

Then there is poor Zach, who really wants to be in his mommy's group, but I offered to be with Kevin since I was with Zach all last year for AWANA.  So last night was his breaking point.  He stayed with me during singing and then I walked him to his class.  On the way, he threw himself in the middle of the hallway, laying down, and crying so hard.  I can no longer pick him up very well because he weighs all of 53 pounds.  So I tried my best to get him up and walking.  But it just wasn't going to work last night so I ended up calling Garrett to have him pick him up and take him home.  I think he slept for about 11 hours straight last night.....I knew he was tired.  So, tonight I think he's staying home again but he'll have to come with me on Friday because Garrett's off to a Dodger game.  It may be a loooong Friday night!   

While it's fun helping out with the kids, sometimes it would be nice just to drop the kids off and have 3 hours every evening for a week like the other parents!


Rochelle said...

Girl! I feel your pain. I helped with VBS a couple of weeks ago and I thought to myself, "SELF! You are crazy!"

Paula said...

Good for you for helping out with VBS, Tasha! I remember it IS exhausting to keep up with all of the kids.
Sleep is everything for kids...when they are out!! :) Bet Zach is back to his mellow self again after that long sleep.
Love to all.

Grandma Dee said...

Oh, it just broke my heart to think of Zach lying down and crying like that. I know they have to go through it, but he is such a sweet guy. I bet you are looking forward to a relaxing couple of days.
Hugs, Grandma Dee