Sunday, October 26, 2008


It was a little more than a year ago that I decided that I wanted to run a marathon.  At the time it seemed like I had forever to train.  Now, I have 1 week left before the marathon!!  I went out yesterday for a 10 mile run, my last long one before the REAL DEAL!  So this week I will be taking it easy, enjoying all the Halloween festivities, and trying to gear up mentally for this challenge.......


Grandma Dee said...

Congratulations, Tasha, on your commitment to do this and all of your diligent, if not hard, training.

With your very busy family and professional life, you found time to do something special just for you. It is an inspiration to all of us who know you. Most of all I am proud of the example you have set for Kevin and Zach. The fact that you were able to be a fabulous mom and wife, friend, etc., in the midst of your busy training schedule is a model for them that one can do anything they truly want to do. It takes training, time, patience, discipline and family support. My hats are off to you.

Can't wait to cheer for you mid-race and near the finish. The end is near and it is glorious!

Love you lots,

dole2obama said...

You are a stud! See you on Sunday.

Sandy said...
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Wow..............a few short days from now you will be running in the marathon. Keep in mind it's not the destination that really matters but the journey that takes you to the destination. Your journey has been awesome. It is a most admirable feat to say the least. Congrats. on your hard work and dedication. Can't wait to see you in the S.C. Marathon!! We love you and support you. Susan & Dennis

Sandy said...

Tasha, we will be thinking of you on Sunday. This is a tremendous commitment and we know you will do really well. I remember when you decided to do this and it does seem like yesterday. This year has flown.
Love, Sandy, Joe and Namie

Paula said...

Ditto to everything above, Tasha!! We are so proud of you and will be BIG cheerleaders for you on Sunday!!

Love, Paula and Jeff