Thursday, October 23, 2008

"I'm Growing Up, Mom!"

We bought some face paint the other day so that we would have it for Zach's Halloween costume.  Kevin's been dying to play around with it, so I finally said that he could paint his face yesterday.  When I asked what he wanted to do on his face, he showed me a picture he had drawn that he wanted to do.  It was supposed to be scary, with scars and blood dripping down.  When I saw the picture I said, "That's kind of scary Kevin, don't you want to paint something cute?"  He responded with, 
"I'm growing up, Mom!"


Sandy said...

That is really a scary face, Kevin.

And, yes he is growing up much too quickly.

Love, Sandy, Joe and Namie

Anonymous said...

It only get harder! And the time goes by so fast. Independence, confidence,'s all good but it still stings just a little.
Hang in there, you're doing a really good job!

love you,

Paula said...

Wow, what a face! Too scary for me!! Yes, he is growing up and that can be hard for moms. Just enjoy every SINGLE second, because it goes by SO fast! And I know you do enjoy them so much.
Love you, Paula

Rochelle said...

We are going thru the same thing right now. Brandon wanted to be SCREAM for Halloween. I explained to him that there are lots of other choices, but he still wanted to be this. So I explained to him that SCREAM was a movie about murder and I didn't like what it stood for. He could stil be scary, but we would have to be creative. Its so hard!

Grandma Dee said...

Well, what a scary face. Kevin is so talented at anything to do with art. Maybe sometime he can paint my face.
Tasha, wait til he asks for a tattoo. Thennnnn, you will have to worry. Just remind him that Grandma had to wait until she was 50 and Grandpa until he was 57. It's what you do when you go through mid-life crises.
Love you and thanks, as always, for sharing,
Grandma Dee

jen@ Rosey Little Things said...

I love it! It is so cute when they say things like that, but sad at the same time:)


Great job Kevin!!! Can't wait until we see you and Zachie in your Halloween costumes. Love you all, Auntie Susan & Uncle Mennis