Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Disney

Two Sundays ago we took yet another trip down to Disneyland.  It was super crowded, but luckily there are enough things to do there without actually going on rides.  We did manage to go on Nightmare Before Christmas, Pirates of the Carribean, and Snow White.  We also went to an area where they were carving pumpkins and Kevin was especially amazed by their carving talents. 

A carving of Lady and the Tramp in a pumpkin
Nightmare Before Christmas ride

And I will leave you with a video.  The boys had a great day, without any strollers, up until the time we were leaving and Zach had a small meltdown.....

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Yet another wonderful day at Disneyland. Loved the pumpkins and seeing the boys enjoying yet another great day at D.L. Was the Haunted Mansion up and going??
Love you all, Susan & Mennis