Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm 34 now

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  Thanks for all the birthday calls and e-mails!!  I did have to work, but I guess most people have to do that on their special day.  The boys and I hung out in the afternoon.  Then I went for a run after opening some cool presents.  And we ended the evening with a dinner out to Woodranch Grill and I got to have some RIBS!  

My sweet boys!

Nothing better than an ice cream kiss!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great day. A card is on the way. I could say so much but most of all I am glad we have remained friends thru good times and bad. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! I guess now that you're 34, you get spam posts on your blog. That's awesome... Happy Birthday! Graham

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
You looked like you were enjoying pure bliss with a boy on each side and a kiss on each cheek. Can't get much better than that!

Glad your special day was indeed special, 'cause you sure are!

Love, Mom and Dad

Grandma Dee said...

Mrs. Riley!

Wow, a special day for a super mom, wife, daughter-in-law, friend, etc. You looked so happy spending it with your adorable family. I would say your life is pretty darn happy, just as you deserve!

Maybe some Monday or whenever when the boys are at school I could come meet you for a long walk, do early lunch and watch the boys in the afternoon so you can pamper yourself for a few hours. let me know when, I mean it!

Love you lots,
Mrs. Riley


What a great birthday you had, Tasha and well deserved. Sandy told me how excited the boys were about your presents and Zachie said "you are really, really going to like them". How cute. Your day sounded wonderful with your 3 boys and what a great dinner............the dessert looked yummy!! Oh, to be 34 again. Love you all, Susan

Rochelle said...

That picture with the boys is priceless!

Sandy said...

Tasha, what a great birthday you had with your wonderful family. You looked so happy. I know the boys, especially Zach, were very excited to have you open your presents.
Happy Birthday, again, to a wonderful mother, wife and niece in-law.
Love, Sandy