Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amazingly Awesome (Cont.)

Debbie, Sarah, Rochelle, Tina, Me 
(I had to steal this pic from Rochelle's blog since I didn't have any 
group shots on my camera)

My legs are finally feeling back to normal.  I was so sore for the few days following this hike I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to walk down our stairs normally again.  My knee still hurts if I kneel on it though, as I took a cute little trip/flip/splat into the creek on the way down the mountain.  At the time I was more embarrassed than hurts, but I guess I did bang my knee pretty good.

So, as the video shows, we started out at 4:30 to drive to Yosemite.  This of course meant that we were awake around 3:45 and I think I slept a total of 2 or 3 hours that night because I just couldn't get to sleep.  We were about a 40 minute drive from the start of the hike so we were hoping to get started up the mountain a little after 5.  I think we were actually to the beginning of Mist Falls Trail around 5:30, which was still a good start.  The Mist Falls Trail was amazing and definitely one of the hardest parts for me.  All stairs, wet from the falls, straight up to the top of Vernal Falls.  My legs were already feeling tired by the end of this first part and I was wondering how I could make it up the rest of the mountain.  But it's wonderful how your body quickly feels better as soon as you get to a not so steep part.  We chose to take the Falls trail because it was a little shorter, and I think it was much more beautiful.  We then continued up until we got to Nevada Falls.  Also beautiful, but we weren't as close to it as Vernal, so we didn't get covered by the mist this time.  From this point we just kept on trucking up the mountain with a few stops along the way for snacks and to care for our bodies.  Tina had a blister the size of a quarter on the back of her heel.  The guy at the shop in Yosemite told us the night before to put Duct tape on any signs of a blister before it got any worse.  So we tried that but it didn't work.  By the time we stopped to check on it again it had already popped and was huge.  Poor thing!  Then a little while later we got our first visit from "Charlie".  This was the name we gave Rochelle's major leg cramp.  A cramp/charlie horse that would not quit.  A cramp so bad to bring her to her knees crying.  But did she let it stop her?  NO!  Man, I was amazed at how determined one woman could be.  We took our time and made it to the top, with one more bad cramp right at the top of the cables.  What was awesome was the people we met along the way that offered things like water, bananas, and banana chips to help her out.  People were genuinely kind all throughout the trip and I loved seeing that in people.

The way down was definitely easier, but it seemed like it took forever.  We were all ready to be all the way down when we got back to Nevada Falls but that meant we had about 4 miles to go.  We went down the John Muir trail which was definitely not as pretty as the Mist Trail, but who wants go down slippery steps on tired legs.  We made it to the bottom just around 7:45, a whole 14 hours after starting.  It made for a very long day but I'd say it was all worth it!

Even though this was definitely not an easy hike, I loved every minute of it.  I love being outdoors, I love pushing myself to the limit, and I love being with friends....especially ones that I don't get to be with often!  When asked if I would do it again I didn't even have to think about it ...... I am planning for next summer with Garrett, or maybe May or September when it's not as crowded.  But definitely I would go again. :)


Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Sounds like a very memorable adventure, one you will treasure forever! Garrett did a great job on the video on UTube, and your pics are beautiful.

I'm so glad it turned out to be such a positive experience for you. For me, there is nothing like the outdoors. Rest, heal, and get back out there!

Love, Mom

Rochelle said...

I would have not changed that day for nothing! Except when you fell! I felt so bad, especially cuz I felt like you were carrying my heavy ol" camera the whole time. My body actually felt okay. "Charlie" did give me a little soreness though! That damn Charlie!!!

Grandma Dee said...

What a wonderful description of your challenging climb. I felt like I was there with you (wish I had been). My favorite part was hearing about your doing this with Tina and your friends. What an awesome experience to share and one you will always remember. So neat to see how each of you encouraged and supported each other. That's what it's about: sharing the load.
Congrads again and love,

Anonymous said...

I decided that I would probably do it again if there weren't so many people on the cables. To much time to watch people make choices that seemed overwhelmingly silly to me and way to much time standing around letting thoughts of people falling or myself falling down the rock. I need to work on controlling my thoughts they were getting to me!

love, Tina
P.S. - Your oranges are super good!

Rochelle said...

Yes, Tash! Thanks for the oranges. You can't buy oranges that good! I've been slicing them up every morning for the kids.

Paula said...

I'm back and have had so much fun reading about your GLORIOUS feat!!! We are SO proud of you, Tasha....WOW! You will have this memory forever and how special to do it with good girlfriends.
The Garrett video and your video was awesome to watch and Garrett has alot of creative talent in putting together a video! I admire your tenacity on making it to the top....I'm sure it was not easy.
Being outside in God's creation is the best....the backpackers will have a beautiful time when then start their hike on Saturday.
Sending you a huge hug on your wonderful accomplishment!!
Love you, Paula


Great story of your wonderful hike to Half Dome. Your commentary made me feel like I was right there with you. I get cramps in my legs once in awhile and they are sooooooooooooooo painful. So glad that your girlfriend was able to move forward. They are so painful so it was quite a fete for her. As well for all of you. What a wonderful life long experience. Kevie and Zachie will be showing their children the video of their Mom (and Dad to follow) in the climb of a life time. Congrats. again to all. Love you all, Susan & Dennis