Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breakfast Burrito

It's amazing to me how one food can bring up so many memories.  I was making breakfast burritos for Kevin and myself last week, with sausage, eggs, and cheese and all these memories of high school started coming back to me.  My junior year I was on the swim team as well as jazz choir.  In order to make all the practices my friend Heather and I would sometimes go to swim practice at 6:00 a.m. so that we would be free to go to jazz choir practice after school.  My mom would pick us up from swimming and have breakfast burritos waiting for us in the car for the ride over to school.  They always tasted so good after a hard swim.  I think I've told Kevin about this every time I make them for breakfast, which isn't very often.  And mine never taste as good as I remember them!

And just for fun I've included a picture of my old swimming sweatshirt.  I got it out to wear the other day because I was cold and needed something warm and cozy to wear.  When I put it on Garrett said, "Wow, I haven't seen that in forever!"  I used to wear it in college when Garrett and I met out on the ultimate frisbee field.  Then I realized that the sweatshirt is 17 years old!  That will make someone feel old!!  And the fact that I still have it and occasionally even wear it is proof that I need to clean out my closets. :)


dole2obama said...

Maybe you can trade Dennis for some of his Dana Hills gear.

Anonymous said...

Tina's burritos are pretty good, but you're right, mom makes the best! Graham

Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

That is too funny! I still have a picture of Heather, you and I in our sweatshirts on a diving board! So funny!!!

Grandma Dee said...

Boy, you keep good care of your clothes. That sweatshirt looks brand new. It is always so cool to think that we keep stuff to wear after so many years. I just got rid (last year) of a pantsuit and dress that I had been wearing since 1993 -- that's 14 years for the same outfit and I still felt so special when I wore it. It was a yellow Ann Taylor outfit with a beautiful scarf that I still have and wear. Good clothes and good memories last forever. I always remember when my mom used to make me her "Swedish blintzes." They were swedish pancakes stuffed with ricotta and topped with lingonberries. She would bake a batch, put them in the freezer and then take them out and saute them for breakfast. Yum, yum!

GEKALOLI said...

i'm jealous you can still fit into a sweater from college! is ultimate frisbee the same as frisbee golf?

Save your Fork said...

I totally remember those burritos. They were so yummy and so good after our swimming workout. Ahh...the good old days. We had such great moms too , to be waking up that early to take us to and from swimming practice. Thanks Debbie!!!
Love ya!