Monday, June 30, 2008

Starting All Over

It's come down to this..... tomorrow is July 1st and that will be the start of my "real" training for this marathon that I have talked myself into doing.  A friend of mine lent me this book, "4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon", so the beginning of July is my deadline to have 4 months until the November 2nd race.  I've been taking time off from running, trying to do other things, but truthfully not doing a whole lot of anything.  Yesterday and today I went out running and it is just like starting all over.  Forget the fact that I was running 10 miles every Saturday for awhile.  Forget the fact that I ran 15 miles one Saturday.  I now am starting from scratch basically, so my 4 months looks like a million miles away.  I know that it is going to go quickly so I really need to be consistent.  We are heading up to Mammoth in a few days, so I have the joy of some cooler weather to run in, but also the altitude that can be oh so fun for someone who is not used to it.  Wish me luck, wish me health, and wish me a quick 4 months of training.


Anonymous said...

Mom says:
I wish you all of those things and more!

I'll give you the sage old advise that my mother gave to me: If you put your mind to it, you can do anything in life that you want to. So go for it!
Love, Mom

Paula said...

Love from one of your big cheerleaders,
Paula :)


Hi Tasha:

If you can train early in the morning I am sure the runs will be easier what with the heat. I always talked about doing a marathon but never started training for one. I always wanted to run one when I turned 50. Well, maybe I can shoot for 60. You are very focused and I know you will get back into soon. Hopefully you can find a running partner which I am sure would make the training a bit for fun. Have a GREAT time in Mammoth. Looks like the weather will be very nice. Love you all, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

I am so sure that you will pop right back into training. You did amazingly great with your previous training and I can't help but think that your big Half Dome hike wasn't also a good cross-training. You are determined, well-disciplined and ready to do it. Good luck on your hikes and runs up in Mammoth.
Love you, Denise