Monday, June 9, 2008

How Many More Days Now?

The boys are always counting down something.  This time Kevin is counting down the days until his actual birthday.  His actual birthday, when he will turn into a big 7 year old!!  I can't even believe that seven years have gone by already.  He started the countdown on day 60 by making his own checkoff list at school.  But he forgets to cross days off so is still continually asking, "How many days now?"  

We had a great time celebrating his birthday over the weekend with family and friends.  I love to have the house filled with people and seeing all the kids having a blast.  The kids went swimming for all of 20 minutes I think because the pool is still really cold.  They jumped in the jumper a long time.  And then when all the kids went home Kevin recruited me to jump with him.  I was trying to jump off all the cake that I enjoyed!  

His countdown to his birthday also happens to be the same countdown to the last day of school.  The last day of first grade and then I will have a second grader on my hands.  How can all of these things be happening at once?  I am looking forward to our summer, with swimming daily, not having to rush out the door, and having some fun!  I've already almost completely filled July with activities for the boys, which wasn't my original just sorta happened that way.  Hopefully my niece, Lauren will come down to visit again sometime (hint, hint).   I have to leave some weeks just to relax and play though.....I know this summer is going to fly by!  

p.s. Anyone who took pictures on Saturday, please send some my way as my camera was not brought out once all day!  :) 


Paula said...

It was a GREAT party, Tasha...filled with alot of love and laughter....and so much fun watching the little boys having so much fun.
I took alot of pictures..surprise!!!....and will send you some. I'll send you via E-mail the ones that Susan took off my camera by mistake. :) The others I will get to you soon.
Love to all!


I love Kevins count down. What fun times. I cannot believe tha Kev is going to be 7 and Zach is 4. It truly seems like yesterday that we were at the park in Ventura celebrating Kevins 1st birthday. I would like life to slow down a bit so we can keep these precious guys little for awhile longer. Love you all. Susan, Namie & Mennis

P.S. GREAT party. A good time was had by all.

maile said...

i cannot believe it's been 7 years either! Happy birthday!!! xo