Monday, June 16, 2008

First Day of Vacation

Vacation has officially started for Kevin.  Zach has gone off to preschool this morning while Kevin gets to stay home.  I think he is extremely excited about this, even if it's just for a few hours.  

We had another fun filled weekend, starting the weekend off with Kevin's birthday.  This was also his last day of school and his last Pack meeting of the year for Cub Scouts.  Not only did he get cupcakes at school, he also got S'mores at Cub Scouts, and birthday cake following that.  How much more sugar can we put in one kid in a day?  
Kevin made Zach an honorary Tiger Cub by giving him his "old" hat and neckerchief, seeing as he wont be needing them anymore because he's now a big, bad Wolf!

On Saturday we headed down to San Juan Capistrano where we celebrated Garrett's brother's high school graduation.  Congratulations Mike!!  Now enjoy the summer.

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day at the beach.  The boys love the beach, but it was a little cool yesterday and so by the time it was time to go both boys were shivering but insisting they still wanted to stay and play.  

Still trying to figure out some sort of schedule for the summer days so that we don't get sucked into watching t.v. for most of the morning.  I am thinking of having some crafts or different "learning" activities each morning and then we can swim in the afternoon.  It gets so hot here that parks are almost out of the question as soon as July comes around.  

And four days until the Half Dome Hike.  I am getting so excited!!  I will definitely be taking lots of pictures and posting them here when I get back.


dole2obama said...

Tasha, if you need plans for the summer; I got two words for you, THE VIEW! Lance Armstrong was on today and it was awesome. 10-11 a.m all summer!

Grandma Dee said...

Wonderful Father's Day at the beach. It is always so wonderful to see how children can amuse themselves at the beach for so long. Come to think of it, so can the adults.
Grandma Dee